Monday, March 29, 2010

The Purple Sprout: An Early Start

The Purple Sprout: An Early Start

A must read, a talented and darling HS mom. with energy & zeal for gardening I growing adorable kids....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

6 month countdown

We have come to a decision, It has been a life long dream to spend time abroad, serving those less fortunate and suing my talents & resources for good.

Wes & I are going to work our tails off, fix the BUS, and drive to Guatemala.
(lots of research and paper work in the mix....)

I had the idea last night to blog all about the bus, the work we are doing on it, and the efforts we are enduring to secure the funds to accomplish this feat.

So tomorrow, I will post the pic/video of the first installment of our fixing the bus into a living quarters for the family. We have a 6 month plan.

Any one who wishes to either
1) join us! or
2) donate to the cause.....
You are welcome to Email me and we can arrange a pay pal transaction!

Here is the orphanage we plan to serve in:

Wish us LUCK! (and we are planning on buying Rosetta Stone for Spanish, if anyone has access, let me know!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy Adventure continues.....

We bought a bus, a Blue Bird Bus, it is apx. 40 ft long 8 Ft. wide. The *PLAN* is to modify her into an RV. putting in Beds, couches, and a dining area. self contained and able to travel with the family.

her first outing is scheduled for June, lets hope we can get her innards put together as good as her engine and outsides are... She runs pretty durn good (as we drove her from Tennessee to Missouri)

I have so many fun things I want to do, and maybe with a rolling Motel I can figure out ways to see the World, and enjoy my children at the same time.

I do not believe in waiting until I retire to enjoy my life, so I will be the crazy- wild haired- lady dragging half dozen kids across the country seeing the sites & experiencing the culture of our wonderful land.




(yes yes , I Know, pictures soon )

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Travel Log 2010

June 9th Leave Cameron, MO Drive to Lincoln NE
June 10th Leave Lincoln drive to Rock Springs WY
Arrive Heber, Utah June 11th 2010
Spend time with family visiting & working on BUS

June 20th Leave Heber Utah Drive to Kanab UT
June 21st Kanab Utah to Paige AZ
Spend week on Lake Powell with Dodge family

June 27th Leave Paige AZ drive to Heber UT
June 29th drive to Cheyenne WY
June 30th drive to Cameron, MO
Prepare for Nauvoo

July 5th Drive to Nauvoo, IL
Stay at Camp Nauvoo until August 2nd

August 2nd Leave Nauvoo, IL drive to Wayne City IL.

August 3rd Leave Wayne City IL drive to Pipestem WV

August 4th Leave Pipestem WV drive to New Bern NC

August 6th Leave New Bern NC drive to Manteo NC

August 7th Leave Manteo drive to Frisco woods Campground Cape Hatteras National Park

August 8th visit Lost Colony of Roanoke Island

Drive to Bells Island at Nags Head NC

August 9th Wright Brothers Museum

August 10th NC Aquarium

August 11th Drive to Williamsburg, stop for radiator in
Virginia Beach, send afternoon at beach, drive to

Williamsburg Pottery campground

August 13th Beach/ Pool

August 14th Pool

August 15th Church in Williamsburg, VA

August 16th Historic Colony

August 17th radiator Bites the dust, meet Faith & Paul spend a day with Angels & The Lord.

August 18th Annie Laurie Leaves for VA

August 19th sleep in Toys R US parking lot

August 20th Yorktown Battlefield

August 22nd Newport News branch
August 23rd Valley Forge (Sleep in parking lot avoid being arrested)
August 24th Philadelphia, PA Liberty bell, Independence Hall

August 26th Washington D.C.

August 27th Washington D.C. (Visit Temple)

August 28th Restoring Honor Rally

August 29th Prepare Wes for airport

August 30th Drive to New Castle, PA

August 31st Drive to New Castle, IN

Sept. 1st Drive to Hannibal, MO

Sept 2nd Drive to Kidder, MO