Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to Believe.... Part 3

Seek out Knowledge.

When you read, ask and search for new information it forms a more concrete idea in your mind of WHO YOU ARE.

If you know there is a WAY to change, but you are not sure WHAT that is, Take the time, invest in yourself, and learn. About everything.

Investigate the lives of those you admire, both dead and alive. Search, learn, read grow. Just as when you plant a seed in the ground, then you nurture, water and adore that seed, you imagine it growing and eventually being harvested.

So too with your thoughts, you are planting seeds of thoughts to grow into ideas.

Spend time deep in learning. Seek out light. Do not waste your time with garbage, just as you would not plant seeds of noxious weeds, plant carefully in the garden of your mind.

As you seek out this knowledge, you will find that area that brings you specific glee, bliss and passion. You will discover WHO you are meant to be.

As you study, learn and cultivate higher knowledge you will discover your purpose.

The Mission Your God has sent you to tackle.

Now get to it......
Knowledge is the ONLY thing we take with us into the next life....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Recognize your time is Limited....Part 2

If not You, then who?
If not This then What?
If not Now, then When?

How many times have you seen a problem, anything from a piece of trash lying on the sidewalk, to a homeless person pushing a shopping cart.

Maybe you have thought "oh that is too bad, someone should pick that up." and then you walked away. So let me ask you something. WHO is that SOMEONE?
If you looked at the homeless person and though, "What a shame, that must be humiliating" Then you proceeded to your warm, lavishly decorated, comfortable home and life. Leaving the responsibility of that one individual to 'someone else'

Certainly these are not YOUR problems to consider?

Certainly SOMEONE else has a solution.


Who will start tomorrow on their "Bucket List" ?
What is wrong with today?
What is keeping you from working on that list of Goals? What are you waiting for?
To get out of debt, Loose weight, Start exercising, Kick that bad habit, Reach out to a loved one.

Your time here is LIMITED, so START NOW!

Friday, December 23, 2011

It is Time to believe . . . . Part 1

For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who don't no proof is good enough.

What are the steps to finding your personal mission, your ideal life?

It is my aim to help you create this vision in your mind, and move it to paper.

A goal that is not written down, is simply a DREAM......

While I *AM* a huge advocate of dreaming, I admit that it can only get you so far.

Dreaming is planting a seed, and the cultivating takes effort. Starting with the act of writing down the details of your dream, Where are you, what are you doing, where do you spend your time, who is surrounding you, How do you feel. If you focus and dig deep into your dream, assessing the finite details you will establish what you TRULY desire.

When we are on path to our bliss, our personal mission and our dreams, we create an energy that lifts, brightens and offers hope to others.

When we are on track and making actions, movement and progress towards our goals, we will find increase in happiness, and the efforts to overcome the FEARS become easier.

Fear and Faith can NOT co-exist. Fear is from the adversary, Faith is of God.

Now take a minute and answer, who wants us to be fulfilled, happy and energized?

Not the Father of all Lies. He desires us to be depressed, angry, resentful, jealous, and waste our time.

WHO are you serving when you remain small, depressed, and angry?

Not the Father of Light.

So start, spend some time in meditation, relax, allow your mind to flow into peaceful thoughts. and Dream. Imagine if you had no restrictions whatsoever, what would your house look like? your car? Your Physical Body, your bank account, and what would you be spending your time doing?

Then write it down, write down every detail you can recall. Write down the colors, the smells, the sights, the feelings and the sounds you experienced.

Be as detailed as you can.

When it frightens you, then most likely you have it almost figured out.

Step one-
Recognize WHO you are, you are a creation/offspring of God, you carry a capacity in His image and you are capable of BIG things.

You are here to Glorify Him.

Is what you are doing Glorifying Him? or is there room for improvement. (always)

make an Honest assessment of where you are, and what you need to do.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fascinating info

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For the lone reader who requested a post.

Here it is.

Now you have all that I am.

That is how considerate and accommodating I am.

(actually I am working my little tail off...ok not so little but....any way I digress.... I am working my TAIL off on a project for and with Wesley the Bush Pilot.....I will let you all know when it is ready for public viewing!)