Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Sneak-Peak into ME)

Sharing a piece of me...

I have decided to take a leap, to make myself vulnerable, Seeking the results of growth and opportunity.

I have spent allot of time on introspection. Figuring out who I am, what MY mission is and how to spend my time.

I never want to give the impression that my family does not come first.

I choose to stay home, I Choose to devote my time to my husband, and my wonderful children. I have devoted 100% of the last 15 years to training and raising my children. I am far from done, however I am at a stage in life that allows me some flexibility and freedom.

My kids perform marvelously the tasks required to keep a homeschooling family afloat. We have a well run system of chores and personal development. If I gave you the list of skills my kids' have, you would think I was bragging. So I will save you from sounding arrogant. But I do have to say this, I have some pretty amazing kids!

I have honed, sifted, and dug into my heart to figure out what exactly makes me tick... Where do I feel most fulfilled? When I am doing this.....I feel fire, energy and happiness.

I truly feel like the unique calling I have is to be an encourager.

I enjoy lifting people up and building others up so that they may fulfill their life mission. By working to resolve obstacles I am able to help others create a road map to their goals. I would like to refer to it as Success Coaching.
The more I visualize this the more I am convinced that this is where my path lies.
I do it with my kids, I do it with my friends and neighbors, and I enjoy helping to find, research and obliterate obstacles!

One on One counseling to help you achieve your dream.

Group coaching to encouraging you to Dare to Dream!

Building a team with XanGo encouraging others who have been afraid to dream, grow and allow them to see their dreams re-born.

What do I plan to do to achieve this?
I offer my services to you. If you have areas you feel like your confused or hesitant, contact me. IF you feel like you have a niggling in the back of your mind with an idea, Bring it to me and we will work on it together.

It is my hope that as we work together, we can

The Lord wants each of us to achieve our potential, he wants us to take the talents he has given us and multiply them, For HIS Glory,
The best way to glorify Him is through living our personal mission.

Follow your heart and obey His law. This will lead to True Peace.