Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hurdles and Hugs

Peter had a great day today. He has enjoyed the sunshine, and all the fun running around with Zeke & Eli.

Each of the boys had a tick tonight at bed time.....can you imagine me trying to remove a tick from Peters arm-pit...he thought I was simply TORTURING him!!!

But the bath made it all better. He LOVES water, he washes his hands faithfully after every potty trip, just so he can have time in the water. Then he helped Shaun do dishes for nearly an hour....for the pleasure of playing in the water....He is so fun.

He ate 4 HUGE bowls of Baked Ziti for lunch. This boy eats.... Now if only we can get him to start gaining weight. He lost 7 lbs from the flu last month, he is so underweight any little illness just takes it right out of him.

I shudder to think of the worst case scenario, where we are not able to raise enough $$ to finalize his adoption and he is forced to return to Liberia.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent money. The amount we have to save/raise is HUGE and every little bit helps. I never want any one to feel like I am guilt tripping them, I sincerely hope I am not sending that vibe....My cousins near and far and my friends that have sent money to me....I just can't put into words how amazed I am.

Madi's preschool teacher from 1998 gave a paypal donation. Amazing.

Thanks again everyone.

Oh...we took the CUTEST photos of the boys all dressed for church. I will share tomorrow. Even though Peter did not attend church, he sat and watched a session of Conference in ASL with me on the computer!

Pennies for Peter!

Here is a Flyer I created with help from my friend Susanna. What do you think?

Are you willing to print ONE COPY and put it up for display at your local Grocery Store, or Gas station, What about a neighbors restaurant? Someplace like "The Smokehouse" or "Iggy's" or how about "Ernie's Deli" ?

Feedback appreciated!