Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday (day 5) , Sunday(Day 6) & Monday (day 7)

Saturday was EVENTFUL!! I mean seriously jam-packed with chaos, work & adventure. On Friday late (2 a.m.) My friend Dani made it here with HER new bus. (Also a blue bird) She picked it up in St. Louis for a SONG! and drove it here on her way home.
She was here while I was scurrying out the door to set up shave ice. And Wes had to meet the mechanic to cherry-pick the generator off the trailer and into the bus.

We rushed out the door, Wes needed to drop off the generator and then hurry to Peculiar MO as we had another free RV we could pick out the needed items to finish the bus.

So we barely made it to the mechanics before he rushed out. Wes & I moved the generator into the bus, and then Wes went to replenish the ice for my day of selling. I had called & ordered 10 blocks of ice and wes was going to pick it up for me before HE rushed to Peculiar.

He came back empty handed, the service station was out of ice, and had not ordered any more. I had TWO blocks of ice for the first day all season with HOT temps! (ARGH!!!!)

We took it in stride, I figured I would call around and find ice elsewhere.... Oops did I mention the cel phones were not working, as the company had shut off service while we figured out why they charged us an EXTRA $350.00 for this months service. (we did figure it out and the phones were turned back on Sunday)

Wes returned from another service station with empty hands again, he was in a hurry to split, and I was frantic to have ice!

Then Wes got a call (incoming calls were working, but not outgoing calls.... thank goodness!)

Dani had gotten her bus stuck in our driveway... (Wich in her defense was full of miscellaneous lumber & supplies for our bus renovation! AND it is a tricky driveway, with trees on the side and a potato patch blocking any turn around spots) She needed Wes to pick her dad up from the hotel, and come help her get un-stuck (is that a word?)

So Wes left me with my two blocks of ice (that were melting fast as it was a SCORCHER) and went to rescue Dani (I think a man who can drop anything and everything to help a damsel in distress is incredibly attractive!)

So I sold (or rather gave free shave ice away) as another vendor was selling BBQ hand over fist, he had to have made $1,000.00 in 4 hours. He sold out of his BBQ pork. WOW... sadly though not many were buying my quickly melting ice... I think its the KC BBQ thing, everyone around here is obsessed with BBQ (I Don't get it?)

I was forced to come home early as my last block of ice was consumed between the freebies & the melting ice... I was done.

We packed up, and drove home (a little disappointed, but optimistic that the next day would be better!)

When I got home, Dani was still here, and She explained to me that her brakes had gone out while they extracted her from the mud hole she had landed in....

So Wes & Dani's dad were trying to come up with parts to replace her rusted out hydraulic line- brakes. no one had them in stock, so Wes had to manufacture a replacement. (again, I am beaming with pride at my resourceful & skilled husband!)

We made a quick trip to town, getting supplies for Dani's Bus & her drive home....

Dani & head went to get a mapquest directions printed, and LO & BEHOLD my internet was out (second time this month!)

So I called Sasha (MY cha-cha) and she read me the directions to 1-70 route to Utah.

Dani was able to hit the road and Wes went back to work. I had PROMISED the girls that after all their hard work in the sno-shack we would go to a DRIVE-INN theater (what was I thinking????)
So at 9 p.m. we drove to Independence MO for a late show. It was all I cold do to stay awake enough to get home safely! I kept slapping my self and cranking up the AC.

Sunday was truly a day of rest, we went to church (can I say I LOVE 1 p.m. church!!!)

And came home ate dinner and snuggled on the couch watching "Ben-Hur"
ahhh.... rest

thank you dear Heavenly Father for mandating this!

Monday I was ready to open the Sno-Shack for another smashing day of shaving... but again I hit some road-blocks, the ice I ordered was STILL not in... so I called the ICE Co. and made an order , they have been SO Accommodating, and are delivering my 20 blocks tomorrow even though its not on their regular route! (Thank you Excelsior Ice!)

Since my day was not going as I intended I offered myself as the girl... for the men at work.
I picked Bryan up...

I picked Sheet metal screws up....

I picked up a 4" angle grinder blade....

and roof caulking....

and R-13 insulation....

and a 32" shower pan.....

and 4x8 shower wall enclosure....

MInd you NOT in one trip. that would be FAR TO EFFICIENT ! ;)

So Here is a shot of the master bed framed in...

By tonight, we will have a WORKING AC (from the Pacemaker RV we got FREE!)

and a wall & shelving unit complete in the master bedroom!

Wow... talk about progress.