Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 years, 6 Kids, and BURNOUT?

I have been Homeschooling for 8 years. and there are aspects of HS that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I love having my kids home, I love spending time with them, cooking with them, snuggling with them, watching them play.
I enjoy immense freedom being able to take off on road trips whenever I choose (We drove over 12,000 miles OTR last year!)

I love the fact that the few days a month Daddy is home (He works out of state)
We get to veg out and play as a family.

I love that my kids are innocent and kind, I love that they are respectful and loving, towards others inside the home or people who are not like us. They have learned how not to judge, and how to simply see someone different as just that....Different.

And now for what I do not like.

I am the disciplinarian. I am it. Daddy is out of town, and ALL responsibilities are left to me. Bills, School, Chores, Yard, Garden.... For a while we had 4 milking goats, 35 chickens, and a Jersey Cow. All of it was my responsibility.

It weighs allot.

So about 4 years ago I began searching for an answer. Something that could turn things around, a way to alter my universe. I have studied business, I have signed up for self improvement classes and watched countless webinars, I have immersed myself in the process of how to end this cycle.

One thing that made me so Very sad, was that MY CHILDREN are entering quickly into the world of self-reliance, they will be fighting the same daemons I currently battle, Debt, Employment, Security, and a career.

I feel VERY PASSIONATE that if you DO WHAT YOU LOVE... The Money will FOLLOW.

How many of you have this same concern or worry for their kids? Am I alone in this?
Just curious, thanks for giving me a platform to vent.