Friday, September 28, 2012

A little slice of Heaven

I have 4 Amazing, Beautiful, Creative and Awesome Daughters, They are my best friends, and my biggest helpers.

My wonderful husband took my oldest daughter on a "Father & Sons" Camp-out in Payson in 2001 and was asked NOT to repeat his appearance sans sons.

So for all these years my girls have missed out on camp outs with their daddy. Party it is my fault, as I have a "Honey-do-list" lone enough to keep 4 handy-men working full time year round. (Yes I know I am demanding)
So I need to take a chill-pill once a year and let him take his kids camping.

This year, My Wesley has 3 SONS!  and none are newborns!!

He was able to attend the Father & Sons campout with no guilt and worry!

So I took my lovely daughters out last night for a GNO, and we had A BLAST! Shopping, lunch  Dinner, Swimming at an indoor water park....then chasing cookies and movies until we were all too tired to stay awake.

We came home this afternoon to see Daddy & the Boys prepare and leave for their first ever campout. (without mom)

Not only did my amazing husband take our 3 boys. he also volunteered (honestly with NO prompting from me!) to take our Sweet friends' 2 boys while THEIR amazing father is off in Idaho training for his new job.


Man I snagged a great guy~!

So tonight, my 16 year old is at the Home coming game, She took her 14 year old sister, my 12 year old is entertaining a friend and my 9 Year old is playing at her friends' house.....

While I sit here, with a clean house, a full fridge, and nobody to tend to!


This is a little slice of heaven, knowing my boys are doing what boys love most, (playing in the dirt and camp fire) and my girls were utterly spoiled rotten and content, I feel accomplished, sincerely accomplished, like I have done all I can do in life to succeed.
(Plus I rode my bike 4 miles so I get bonus points eh??)