Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Borto Orphanage- Donations

For those of you wanting to help with Borto Orphanage, here is the details I have worked out so far.

they have NO NGO's that support them, and the Missionaries that helped them organize and start the blog have returned home and stayed in contact, however have not kept up with the blog. I have asked to be allowed to update the blog, and the other 2 ladies who went with me, (Kelley & Kristi) are also willing to support the children in every way they can.

Donations of GOODS rather than money are WELCOME- we are working on 2 separate leads that have shipping containers scheduled to leave the midwest and arrive in Monrovia port.

These 2 containers are shipped via two individuals who ship frequently, and we hare hoping they will allow us some space for when we do find materials (Especially School supplies)

I have been looking into areas that sell the supplies to manufacture items here (specifically Aquapoinics) And for the most part I believe we can get these items in country. (Close to US prices, so long as a Liberian represents us in the purchase)

It is my sincere hope that many of YOU will plan a trip here to see the need, and to implement YOUR own program, for now, I am the only contact for the orphanage, and if you have concerns about the integrity of the donations, please let me know, i am working on a system of accountability to ensure your donation is used for EXACTLY what you intend.

The more people that come here to inspect and verify on their own, the more we will be assured our funds are being used appropriately.