Friday, July 06, 2012

Life back to Normal.

We raised butcher chickens for the freezer. Back in March we got our order of 50 Chicks and with the help of our dear friend, Rebecca we had 36 ready to butcher this week.


Wes and I are  pioneers, we are constantly striving for the skills and practice in being self reliant. One of those skills is knowing what it takes to raise, kill and prepare our own food. (whether it be vegetables , or animals)

In the past we have raised chickens for eggs, beef cows, milk cows, goats for milk & meat.

This was our first attempt to raise broiler chickens.

There are certainly things we will do differently next  time, but each experience is growth and knowledge.

So here are some photos of the butchering day. (that turned into more than one day, since it took longer than we hoped!)