Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I met this sweet tiny little guy the first visit to the Orphanage (they call it a foster home, and they run it well, but it is still for Orphans, and it is still bleak)

Divine was hiding off by himself, and Kristi in our group scooped him up, and he nuzzled into her.
I felt a pang of jealousy as I was smitten with him, and wished I had been able to snuggle with him.

Of course i enjoyed holding all the other special needs babies, and meeting all the people who had been a part of Peter's past.

but I could not get his face out of my mind.

We visited with the babies several times, and each time Kristi would pick up Divine, and claim him ;)

She even started talking about adopting him, I spoke up then, that if she was not able, I would love to step in.

Kristi spent time in serious prayer, and with a heavy heart knew that she was not able to adopt Divine at this time.

I waited until the evening to ask her if she was sure of her decision, and then shared with her my thoughts.
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Between the two of us, we were captivated by this very timid, very tiny little boy.

Then I had to start campaigning to my husband. With all the government issues that were taking place, and all the uncertainty, he was not ready to have a conversation about more children. (At least not more $10,000 children)

It took a few days of scattered conversations before he realized I was serious.

We had late night conversations about the technicalities, and complications, then we had EARLY morning talks about the Path God has chosen For us.

It is undeniable that once you have walked with these children and fed, bathed, and prayed over these children, you can not go home at night without the feeling of responsibility. You NEED to help them, and all the luxuries of life loose their luster.

How can I NOT reach out to a child, a child that so desperately wants to be loved, held, protected.

How can i not?

So here I am. Willing and yet, unable to move forward. It will take $5,000 up front to begin the paperwork.


ing out on faith. again.
Praying for the loving support of our friends everywhere!