Saturday, March 27, 2010

6 month countdown

We have come to a decision, It has been a life long dream to spend time abroad, serving those less fortunate and suing my talents & resources for good.

Wes & I are going to work our tails off, fix the BUS, and drive to Guatemala.
(lots of research and paper work in the mix....)

I had the idea last night to blog all about the bus, the work we are doing on it, and the efforts we are enduring to secure the funds to accomplish this feat.

So tomorrow, I will post the pic/video of the first installment of our fixing the bus into a living quarters for the family. We have a 6 month plan.

Any one who wishes to either
1) join us! or
2) donate to the cause.....
You are welcome to Email me and we can arrange a pay pal transaction!

Here is the orphanage we plan to serve in:

Wish us LUCK! (and we are planning on buying Rosetta Stone for Spanish, if anyone has access, let me know!)