Thursday, January 10, 2013

Accra, Ghana

We made a stop in Ghana when the Delta flight was canceled due to mechanical issues.

Needless to say, all 200+ passengers were scrambling and unhappy. Delta offered to put up everyone at local hotels, which were surprisingly nice.

I ended up bunking with wonderful Dr. Faith Lamb-Parker. She is brilliant, compassionate, and funny. We had a great time.

The day we arrived in Ghana was the day before their Inauguration of a new President.
The streets had colorful ribbons, and UN diplomat planes on the tarmac.

It was very exciting.

After Ghana, we arrived in Liberia. (My original arrival date was Jan 4th, I arrived on Jan 8th) I had lost my phone on the plane during our disembarkation in Accra. Every phone number I needed was on that phone, and I had no way to contact either the Hotel, nor the friendly Quita who was to pick me up and deliver me to the hotel.

Again, Dr. Faith to the rescue, she helped me file the paperwork for the lost bags, and then had her private driver deliver me to the hotel. (after we had to stop for diapers and water at the supermarket)

I finally arrived at Moko's around 7 pm. local time.

Peter and I were HUNGRY and anxious to get showered and fed.

Moko's staff was wonderful, they ordered us a pizza and brought it to the room.

Everyone here in Liberia is friendly, helpful and kind. I have been so blessed by the Agency staff, and by all I have met.
I do have to say; I already have 2 mosquito bites, and Peter & I are both feeling a bit under the weather. But we made it to the pharmacy yesterday and hopefully our meds will help us to feel better soon!

I wanted to make a list for anyone who is traveling here; things NOT to forget at home, because even though they have a super market, they do not stock things like we have at home.

Items we are missing:
Huggies Diapers (the diapers on the shelf here have plastic exterior and tape tabs)
SHOES my flip-flops have broken and I have not seen a great place to buy better shoes. (they have wheelbarrow carts selling shoes made from recycled tires, but i have worn those in the past and they can be uncomfortable)
American Clothes are a premium around here, you wont find an easy place to replace your lost luggage! (there are NO shops/malls here)
A good hamburger! (I ordered a burger yesterday, and honestly it reminded me of the scene in Les Mis during the song "Master of the House" if you get my drift?
the french fries were good, but Peters plate of Chicken & Rice was $13!!
For now that is all that I have compiled on the list, mostly because I figure, we can live without anything else. I have not even tried to find a swim suit, as that was also lost in the luggage, but I suppose I can swim in my leggings and tee shirt.