Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More than words?

It has been over a month since I last wrote. I apologize, and plead ALL the happenings have kept me occupied!

On February 16th 2013 Peter and I flew home to be reunited with our family!

What a triumphant time that was!

Then once we had rested and settled into our home routine (48 hours) we started looking back on the needs of our Liberian family, and the ways (big and small) that we could make a difference.

We are so blessed to have all that we enjoy, more food than 80% of the world population can ever fathom.
We have resources left over after all our necessities to peruse entertainment and pleasure.

Somehow all that was hard to swallow.

Somehow the little things that brought me great enjoyment before, now brought me sorrow.

I can no longer enjoy those little rituals, for the knowledge that if I gave up, just a little more, I would have enough left over to share, help, and lift those who had so little.

To put it in perspective, the annual tuition for a school age child is $80
The monthly costs to charge and use a cell phone (a vital need in Liberia) $30
Costs of taxi/shuttle transportation to get to work (if your lucky enough to have a job) $45

average monthly salary - $45-125

You can see just with this, how Up-side down these people are in their resources, I have not even mentioned food.

the food in Liberia is sold in such small quantities (.20 cents for a baggie of rice) and at first i could not understand/comprehend why this was?

Then when i saw those mothers going to the market or food stands any buying their daily provisions, I realized.

It took them all day long to find the means to buy $1 worth of food for their families.

And they had several mouths to feed. It is astounding what we all consider "NEEDS"

I am trying to be compassionate with out being judgmental.
I know this is my short coming, as I can not understand why OTHERS can not feel moved to do the same.

I am a work in progress, and I so appreciate ALL who have jumped onto my bandwagon and made THEIR sacrifices to help in any size, way or portion to help!