Friday, April 20, 2012

A Sprint vs Marathon

I started running track in 7th grade, it came very easy for me, and when the 400 yd race progressed, I could look at the end of the race, and KNOW I would make it. It is such a short distance, it is strenuous to run a fast pace, but so encouraging to see the end of the race just yards ahead of you.

 I started training for Cross Country in High School. That was a new ball of wax!!

 That took patience, endurance, and perseverance. IT TOOK so much MORE TRAINING, it did not come natural for me. Loving and serving comes natural for me. Seeing the needs of another, and knowing how I can help is a gift. Sometimes it is hard, but the end is in sight, the task will come to an end, and the training is minimal.

 Fundraising for Peter started out as a 400 yd dash, I could SEE the end, and I KNOW it will be met. But I have found that it is MUCH more like a Marathon, and that is where I am right now.

 I have hit a runners wall. I do not regret accepting the call to LOVE and SERVE my son Peter. but to be perfectly honest, Raising funds WHILE rising SONS is A HUGE commitment! We have had SO MANY helpers, and SO MANY people have sacrificed, I am truly humbled and blessed.

Rather than feeling like they are my cheerleaders, I feel like they are my 400 yd dash relay team. We each do a SPRINT for as LONG as we can, then gracefully pass the baton and the next, refreshed runner takes the baton and runs for their portion. The only difference is..... we are all sprinting at the same time!!

 Susana, Erin, Candace, Lia, Sasha, Alice, Sherri, Angel,Sean, Savannah,Laraine, Deborah, Susannah, Ruth, Sheli, Mindy, Barry, Rebecca, Taft, Heather, and SOOO MANY OTHERS!

I wish I could name you all, I am so humbled by your generous, selfless acts of kindness I hope someone along your path will provide as much support and love.
as you have shown me! Pay it Forward. As the marathon continues, I pray for ongoing support, and understanding, I may have volunteered for this race, but that does not mean I can run it all alone. Just as if I had given birth to a new son, I am exhausted, taxed, worn out, and need a break. Thank you for those helpers who whisk my kids away so I can rest, thank you to those who dry my laundry, and deliver my kids places, and do not judge me for not being able to do it all alone. Thank you to my village for supporters.

Thursday, or is it Saturday?

A M A Z I N G It is amazing to me how many people are willing to help. I have received several $28 donations, checks in the mail, and Paypal. I was able to deposit another $743 into the account ! You bet your bottom dollar I will be changing that thermometer!! We still have a LONG ways to go. But slow & steady wins the race! Peter has been catching up so quickly, he now has a very stable way of communicating his basic needs, as we introduce him to new signs and routines, he seems to enjoy it all. he has a bad habit of beating up on Elijah, and poor little Eli is such a tender heart, all he does it cry and take it. I m praying for a solution to this one, since Elijah would never hurt a flea... he is really struggling with this. We took the entire family to the KC temple open house. I am working on loading photos to share, we have a DINOSAUR of a computer and a digital camera that will ONLY sync with the DINO, so it takes a long time to load the photos. (both camera and computer are over 9 years old... ancient huh? j.k.) Rubi is such a hard worker! She has not been content to sit back and wait for the BIG events for fundraising, so she devised a plan, she baked ALL DAY 3 different types of cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, World famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, and snickerdoodles. Once they were cooled enough, we loaded up 10 plates and I drove her into town. She proudly took them door to door to sell. In 1 hour she made $35! Then today we went out again and she sold 4 more plates! ($20 more ) I AM SO PROUD OF HER! She is such a go-getter 8 year old!! I should have taken photos, I apologize, next time I WILL! Thanks again everyone who has SHARED our story, SHARED the blog, spoken up about our needs, made phone calls to find donations for the auction, yard sale, and the many other events that are going on. In the end, it will all be worth it. When we get to take Peter to the temple and have him sealed to our family for all eternity. Good night. and THANK YOU!