Monday, June 28, 2010

What we put our family through....

My mother in law lives in a lovely neighborhood, she keeps an impeccable house, and her yard is always lovely... here is my proof.

And this is what we bring to the Hood... a MONSTROSITY

Todays projects

as we wind down our two weeks with Wes, he is struggling to get a bathroom done for us to use while in Nauvoo, and on the road.

We are ever grateful for his hard work, and his relentless attempt to make uscomfortable.


What Grandma's do

Grandma Peggy is such a wonderful woman, she works hard, she loves big and she is always a teacher. Tonight after she worked a long shift, did some sewing for her daughter, and then fed dinner to the masses.... she took Elijah out and helped him work in the garden.

They had a good time together.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lake powell

June 20-26th we spent at Lake Powell with my family it was a lovey trip and we all made it home safe & sound.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The wedding

The Wedding of my baby brother was beautiful. I was honored to take the photos, and had a marvelous time!
I was STARVING by the time we got home, but it was worth it!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plumbing crew

Just 15 minutes before this picture Ryan was sweating away working on our bus....

Thanks to my HERO Ryan Mosher for his tireless donation of 3 days to the bus. We now have water!!!

and by next week a Toilet!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New way to contact us!

When we decided to hit the road, one of our concerns was how to stay in touch, now with our new Google Phone Number,no matter where we are you can ring us, it will connect you to our phones (all of them) and you can leave a messageor text!

Exciting technology...

All is Well in the west, Wes flew in this morning, his father is dragging him around shopping in SLC, and we are still waiting to see & Squeeze him.

More pics soon, as soon as I get the door faces on the cupboards I will post new pics!
Thanks for checking in on us!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The first cross country trip

Our first trip in the semi-completed bus was successful, we left around 10 p.m. and drove 4 hours to Lincoln Nebraska. We parked in the hospital parking lot and got some sleep (all the kids were asleep long before I stopped)

I woke at 5 a.m. and was anxious to hit the road, so I left the kids sleeping, got some breakfast at Waly mart, and started driving again. soon all the kids were back asleep and around 8 a.m. I decided I was too tired to drive, I found a cute little museum in Hamilton NE and I stopped to rest, I fell asleep and only woke up when Zeke needed to use the potty. (At this point the plumbing has not been done, so we still had to stop for potty breaks)

I got all the kids settled back in and drove all the way to Rock Springs, where once again I was too tired to go further, we stopped for a late dinner, waited forever to re-fuel (there was a long line) and froze our tails off as the wind in Rock Springs was ferocious.

After we had eaten the waitress was dumbstruck by one adult accompanied by 9 children, she asked if they were all mine I wish I could have lied and seen the look on her face, but alas I told the truth, she then proceeded to guess which ones were not my offspring, and she only got one out of 3 correct ;)

I love the Crockett Girls, they are such great kids to have around, MK.... always cleans & organizes everywhere she goes (just like her mom)
GB... is fun & silly and helps my Gracie stay on the right track, she encourages her to read & investigate,
and of course MD... She is always quiet and polite, she never causes a problem, and she is such a great friend to my Madi.

After we left the restaurant (at nearly 11p.m.) we crossed the road to get back onto the bus, and Gracie and GB... RAN without looking into the street, a car was approaching, and I SCREAMED, they stopped, of course they stopped in the middle of the road. We are all so SO lucky that car was paying attention, and had seen them RUN INTO the road. I started crying and both of the girls were shaken (and hopefully humbled!!)

After drving aimlessly for 30 min to find a good place to sleep, we settled in Waly Mart parking lot and froze our buns off!!!

to wake again at 5 a.m. and hit the road for Heber. We pulled into Grandma's by Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

My goal had been to arrive by Saturday. We did it!
La Esperanze got 11 mpg
We loved the drive, La Esperanza performed perfectly and we look forward to many more miles on the road.

Thanks for checking in with us... more with pics to come soon!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Slideshow 1

In case you thought we were lounging....

I have been on the job, solo, so no time to take pictures of:

Myself & the kids cleaning up the destruction/construction zone,(*) Installing a Shut-off Solenoid for the Diesel Engine, Ordering & organizing parts to pack & take to Utah, (*)Installing Seat Belts (*with Virgil's help THANKS BUD!)

Vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping down wood in preparation for Polyurethane,
Phone calls arranging the pick up of the Junk RV that NEEDS TO DEPART!

Ordering a new pressure hose for the Suburban that needs a quart of Steering fluid added to it on nearly a daily basis,

Washing, folding, packing, organizing clothes for this army to travel.

Cleaning and organizing the house for guests to stay.

Bryan is back on the job he has been working on the 12 v lights and securing the generator, We are REALLY PRAYING for a job for him SOON! but we are eternally grateful for all the time he has willingly put into our bus. We feel like it is 1/2 his! so any time Sasha wants to take her on a trip We will gladly give her the keys!!!

more pics later...

peaceful parenting: The Book of Mormon on Circumcision

I had a sister in law ask why we chose NOT to circumcise our two sons, this article speaks my heart, the Law of Moses done away with, Christ Jesus fulfilling this law. Explanations! Thanks to the author,

peaceful parenting: The Book of Mormon on Circumcision

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Some people said we'd never make it.

I am SO happy to have PROVED THEM WRONG!

I love you Wes.

Always & Forever

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday Day 15 (June 1st)

We have remained busy, most of the work now is fine-tuning, and small stuff, Wes feels like he is not getting anything done, but it is coming along nicely.

We got the 2nd AC in the mail today, and Bry is working on that, our friend Jef is staying with us for a few days, we have put him right to work!

Wes is manufacturing the doors for the cabinets, it is very labor intensive!

and how long do you think it will take us to clean up the yard after all this work is done... OH MY HECK it is getting out of control!!!!!

(on a sad note, Madi is gone to camp for the week, I cried when I dropped her off, man I love that girl she is so awesome! 13 years ago I cried as I went to Girls camp the week she turned 1.... and now she is going without me, and I am still crying! )