Monday, August 01, 2011

Dreams...Plans who are we meant to be?

For years as I have studied personal development I have struggled. I dream big. HUGE. and I know it. Most would say that is all I am...a dreamer.

But I can feel it deep inside, there is more...much much more.

When we sit down to make plans, and create a dream board, some of the items on the board are



International relationships...through business as well as adoption.

Nice cars

Relaxing locales , gardens, beach, wooded paths, mountain cabins.

All of these things I visualize, I see what I want and i can feel myself in this environment.

But now came the downside. How or What was I willing to do to get here, what was i capable of providing or executing to obtain the necessary capital.

and here is where I drew a blank.

I knew if I could find the RIGHT dream would be possible.

I am not a Computer guru, nor am I the BEST at photography, Sales, Investing, etc.. etc... So here is where I was stumped. I KNEW what I wanted to do...but was usually laughed right out of meetings where I shared this.

I want to be a Philanthropist. That is it.
Secret is out.

I want my only worry to be, how to share and give, and ways I can lighten the load of my fellow man.


its off my chest. the cat is out of the bag and you know my deepest desire.

and now the laughing starts.

I know ...I know...How will I find the resources to give....if I am not independently (filthy,stinking ) wealthy?!

I have found my Vehicle.

I have found the team of encouraging, like minded individuals of which I desire to associate with. I have found where I can share my inner desire and not be laughed right out of the room!

I have found it.

And now you

(To be Continued.....)