Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the Love of Peter!

Please stop by and take a look at the hand made items that have been made & donated at the

For the Love of Peter Etsy store!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Sprint vs Marathon

I started running track in 7th grade, it came very easy for me, and when the 400 yd race progressed, I could look at the end of the race, and KNOW I would make it. It is such a short distance, it is strenuous to run a fast pace, but so encouraging to see the end of the race just yards ahead of you.

 I started training for Cross Country in High School. That was a new ball of wax!!

 That took patience, endurance, and perseverance. IT TOOK so much MORE TRAINING, it did not come natural for me. Loving and serving comes natural for me. Seeing the needs of another, and knowing how I can help is a gift. Sometimes it is hard, but the end is in sight, the task will come to an end, and the training is minimal.

 Fundraising for Peter started out as a 400 yd dash, I could SEE the end, and I KNOW it will be met. But I have found that it is MUCH more like a Marathon, and that is where I am right now.

 I have hit a runners wall. I do not regret accepting the call to LOVE and SERVE my son Peter. but to be perfectly honest, Raising funds WHILE rising SONS is A HUGE commitment! We have had SO MANY helpers, and SO MANY people have sacrificed, I am truly humbled and blessed.

Rather than feeling like they are my cheerleaders, I feel like they are my 400 yd dash relay team. We each do a SPRINT for as LONG as we can, then gracefully pass the baton and the next, refreshed runner takes the baton and runs for their portion. The only difference is..... we are all sprinting at the same time!!

 Susana, Erin, Candace, Lia, Sasha, Alice, Sherri, Angel,Sean, Savannah,Laraine, Deborah, Susannah, Ruth, Sheli, Mindy, Barry, Rebecca, Taft, Heather, and SOOO MANY OTHERS!

I wish I could name you all, I am so humbled by your generous, selfless acts of kindness I hope someone along your path will provide as much support and love.
as you have shown me! Pay it Forward. As the marathon continues, I pray for ongoing support, and understanding, I may have volunteered for this race, but that does not mean I can run it all alone. Just as if I had given birth to a new son, I am exhausted, taxed, worn out, and need a break. Thank you for those helpers who whisk my kids away so I can rest, thank you to those who dry my laundry, and deliver my kids places, and do not judge me for not being able to do it all alone. Thank you to my village for supporters.

Thursday, or is it Saturday?

A M A Z I N G It is amazing to me how many people are willing to help. I have received several $28 donations, checks in the mail, and Paypal. I was able to deposit another $743 into the account ! You bet your bottom dollar I will be changing that thermometer!! We still have a LONG ways to go. But slow & steady wins the race! Peter has been catching up so quickly, he now has a very stable way of communicating his basic needs, as we introduce him to new signs and routines, he seems to enjoy it all. he has a bad habit of beating up on Elijah, and poor little Eli is such a tender heart, all he does it cry and take it. I m praying for a solution to this one, since Elijah would never hurt a flea... he is really struggling with this. We took the entire family to the KC temple open house. I am working on loading photos to share, we have a DINOSAUR of a computer and a digital camera that will ONLY sync with the DINO, so it takes a long time to load the photos. (both camera and computer are over 9 years old... ancient huh? j.k.) Rubi is such a hard worker! She has not been content to sit back and wait for the BIG events for fundraising, so she devised a plan, she baked ALL DAY 3 different types of cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, World famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, and snickerdoodles. Once they were cooled enough, we loaded up 10 plates and I drove her into town. She proudly took them door to door to sell. In 1 hour she made $35! Then today we went out again and she sold 4 more plates! ($20 more ) I AM SO PROUD OF HER! She is such a go-getter 8 year old!! I should have taken photos, I apologize, next time I WILL! Thanks again everyone who has SHARED our story, SHARED the blog, spoken up about our needs, made phone calls to find donations for the auction, yard sale, and the many other events that are going on. In the end, it will all be worth it. When we get to take Peter to the temple and have him sealed to our family for all eternity. Good night. and THANK YOU!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Lesson

I am excited to teach Sharing Time this afternoon. I have been thinking of this lesson all month and planning how I am going to share with the kids all the love and acceptance for others who are different.

I am hopeful the message of love and acceptance will be conveyed, and that the kids will be better prepared for Peter's arrival.

I am SO GRATEFUL for a supportive Primary President and Bishop who are understanding and supportive of my new child and all the uniqueness of his needs.

Wish me luck!!

The kids were wonderful, as I shared with them the analogy of a little seed being a mystery, and how when we look at a seed, we can not tell what it will grow into, but that if we nurture, care for and allow that seed to grow, eventually it will become what it always was!

We are all that tiny seed. We all need nurturing, care, and provisions to grow to our fullest potential.

I also shared with them how important it is to always be on our best behavior as we are constantly teaching others how to behave in a situation, and our behaviors will shape and change others around us. May we ALL allow those little seeds the proper care to germinate into the plan our father in heaven has in mind for them and us!

What is the big deal?

So Peter is an orphan (according to the government of Liberia)

what is the big deal? Someone somewhere will cadre for him...right? The Orphanage (that houses on average 45-75 kids) can feed him, and change him. He will grow up to be let free onto the streets with rudimentary education and experience, to fend for himself and learn on his own what he must do to survive. Most likely, he will become a father at the age of his peers 12-16. And the cycle continues.

Peter was a bed-baby, meaning it was more work to get him out of the bed, and keep track of him then the workers had time for. So he stayed in the bed. He was fed, and occasionally he was attended to.

This by no means is a slight on the orphanage workers, they had 60 other mouths to feed, and by and Large Peter's needs were minuscule in comparison to the many other needs.

Peter had very little language exposure, he was not diagnosed as deaf until in his 3rd year. Most likely it is due to recurrent infections and possibly a herpes virus.

So what is the big deal?

Peter had a severely enlarged spleen that made it so he had to be fed via IV. The hospital is not equipped to keep him overnight, so they would travel by bus with a very sick, lethargic and feverish onto a crowded city bus to travel just to get him the fluids to keep him alive.

The Dr.'s in Liberia knew if he did not get his Malaria attended to, his spleen would not be able to endure more stress, and he would die.

So what is the big deal?

Peter came to the US. he got emergency medical care, he has recovered and is doing well, he eats, plays, runs, and is communicating beautifully with ASL.

Peter was 24 lbs at 3 years old. that is approximately a 12-18 month old size.
Peter got a flu bug in February, and it wiped him out by 7 pounds. He dropped almost a pund a day while he was ill.

So what is the big deal about Peter?

If Peter can not even tolerate a minor illness, such as the flu, how do you think he will handle Malaria again?

He won't.

He is just one child.

His needs are many, but manageable.

So what is the big deal about Peter?

Peter is my son.

Peter is worth fighting for.

Peter, and all the sweet children that come into this world....DESERVE a safe place to grow. They Deserve a family, a bed and all the love that can be dolled out.

Peter will not get these basic necessary needs met if forced to return to Liberia's Orphanage.

Help us, Help Peter.

Better late then.....

I neglected to share the newspaper article on THIS BLOG since I was busy updating THIS OTHER BLOG. phew...it is allot to keep up with (and yes, i am aware that ALLOT is not a real word!)

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Power of ONE

I have come to realize, that I can do many things.

Some times I can do them well.

Right now I can not do everything that needs to be done. I need many hands and hearts to reach out, share the message and offer help.

I get many emails or phone calls each day that come from my friends who offer their support with ideas on more ways to raise the funds for the adoption.


But I can not do them. I have my hands full, literally of this adorable sweet boy. My heart is FULL of love and I ENJOY Serving him. But I can not do this alone.

THANK YOU to the dear friends who are organizing the Yard Sale Fundraiser for Peter.

THANK YOU to the friends who have printed off labels, made donation jars and taken them to various retail locations around their homes.

THANK YOU to the many who have donated to our paypal account!

THANK YOU To the Village of Kotzebue for the Bake sale that made us $420!!!




My heart is Full.
My hands are Full.
My life is Full.


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Auction for Peter !

it has been suggested we hold an auction for Peter.

Already we have had a couple of offers to give us the items needed .
In other adoption Auctions I have seen some pretty cool items donated, here is a suggested list.
Art work
Service deals
Carpet installation
Car detailing
Photography sitting
Wedding Services
Massage coupons
Hair style coupons
Hotel packages
Spa Packages
Ski packages
hair Bows
Oil Changes
Restaurant Coupons
Garden Tilling
Landscaping service
Custom Art Design

What can YOU DO?

You can petition local businesses for ONE item that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on THIS BLOG to support Peter's adoption funds.

YOU can DONATE a service or a purchase to be auctioned off.

YOU can spread the word on the auction and find OTHERS who have an item to donate or would be interested in a purchase.

Please comment on what YOU are able to give/donate to make this a reality!

Friday, April 06, 2012

A generous offer!

In my effort to spread the word on the Pennies for Peter campaign, I got creative :)

I thought of ALL the folks who I know understand the power of referral marketing.

I wrote a letter to some of these contacts and got a lovely response today from on

e.Life Manifestos

I bought a copy of their Family Manifesto in December for my Christmas Present to myself.

I absolutely love it. It takes all the elements of being a family each phrase, word and meaning and put it all together in a beautiful eye catching piece of art.

I took a photo of the framed poster to show of course, the glare from my camera and the angle I had to shoot it do not do it full-justice.

But you can at least get an idea.

The owner & creator of life Manifestos, Stephen Palmer, has offered MORE than I asked for.
he has offered to DONATE $2 of EVERY sale of their YET-To-Be-Released "Leave a Legacy" Manifesto.

if you go to their webpage, and sign up for the newsletter, YOU WILL BE FIRST TO HEAR about this AMAZING, GENEROUS Offer, for a LIMITED TIME.(48 hour time-limited offer)

So first step is to JOIN their mailing list! (which is FULL of uplifting stories, quotes and other helpful advice) and watch for the announcement of which dates and times we will be Favored with their offer.

This is a HUGE deal, this company is BRAND NEW and are not making a huge profit (yet) and the fact they are willing to GIVE to Peter is an HONOR.


It is as simple as entering your email address. Trust me. This newsletter is heartfelt and this family company is awesome.

Do me, Peter and yourself a favor.

Join the newsletter. And pay attention to the dates and times of this limited offer!

THANKS Stephen Palmer & the crew at Life Manifesto!!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Peter has been learning very quickly the dynamics of our family. He was hitting and biting a bunch when he first arrived (as I would too in his situation) but with consistent reminders of what is expected, he has promptly stopped, and instead now seems to follow right along with what is expected.

Friday evening our family was helping with the Simpson Family Fundraiser (they lost their home to a fire on 3/18/2012) we were delivering tables and a trailer to be used for the yard Sale.

It was minimal effort on our part, this family has been close friends since we left Alaska in 2006.

I did not make it far.... I buckled all the kids in the Suburban, loaded up the trailer and pulled out of the driveway. The stop sign at the end or our road is set back from the intersection, and often times we have close calls with oncoming traffic.

This time the oncoming car collided with my suburban.

It totaled both vehicles but luckily none were majorly injured.

We were blessed with safety.

The Good is we are all ok, the bad is we no longer have a vehicle that fits our family of 9, and the ugly is we will be forced to go into debt to purchase a new one.

We have avoided debt since 2005 and we are not thrilled to go back.

but it could have been MUCH worse!