Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tender Mercies of the Lord

While waiting for Wes to get here, the gang & I decided to pack up and enjoy the beach. We got everyone loaded up, set the GPS and headed down the highway, about 15 min after hitting the road, we had a problem.

A Major problem, all our radiator fluids were boiling out and our temps hit the roof.

We luckily had 3 gallons of water on hand, and with the help of Carmin the Garmin we found the phone number to a Auto Zone. We set the directions and tenaciously set out for our destination, where at minimum we would get antifreeze, and possibly see if they carry the hose that we suspected was leaking.

En route to the Auto Zone, I saw a NAPA and KNEW we needed to stop there.

The guys at NAPA were super helpful, but doubted we would make it far with a leaking radiator, they suggested we talk to an Auto shop next door and see if they could diagnose the problem. One patron at NAPA Paul stopped and spoke with us extensively, he offered to fix the radiator and anything else he could do.What a saint!

now what are the odds that in Williams burg VA, on recommendations of NAPA crew we would find an honest and caring mechanic. 100% if the Lord is on your side!

Mark cleared his schedule (he was OBVIOUSLY BUSY!) allowed our 16 kids to sit in the air conditioned waiting room and diagnosed the problem right away. We only waited for around 20minutes when he came in to notify us of the, "Bad News"

The radiator had a huge crack in it. Parts alone should cost around $300 and labor for 2 hours estimated at $75.00 per hour.

Annie Laurie was the one who needed to make the decision, and we waited for Mark to call around to find the best price on the radiator.

He gave us an end quote of $285.99 for parts and labor. We felt it was an extremely fair price and asked him to schedule us for that afternoon.

Meanwhile we were looking for a place to deposit 16 kids who were dressed in beach attire, none of them had brought clothes, and a few were missing shoes. We asked 4 hotels along the path if we could swim for the 2 hours it was going to take to fix the van. No Go. there were a few willing until they found out the size of our group.

No problems, we phoned Paul and let him know what we were planning, and he offered to help us find a place for the kids to play while we waited.

he met us at Food Lion, and then led the way to a beautiful park called Quarter Park, where the John Smith trail, passed through and where an original plantation settlement was in 1757.

When Paul took Annie Laurie back tp pick up the van at 6 p.m. we were pleasently surprised that the total bill for the Van was $200.00.

The Lord knows us, and blesses us! we are so grateful for his hand in our experience today!