Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photos. 2009

Zeke & Bretty!

Zeke in Utah

My Loving Sweet Grnadma Clara, she has almost been gone a year. Still miss her.

Summer 2009

Elijah & Clara May 2009

Playing in Grandma's Pool June 2009

Gracie (LONDON & FRANCE Et all...)

Lia's Cute kids... with one of mine in the mix!

On the HOT Bronze Tiger at Hogle Zoo

Random Photos from the past.....

Gracie & Rubi went with Grandma to the Zoo 2009 (July)

My brother Bryce & mom

My dad & his parents, Clara & Arvid

We were having a good time looking through photos of days gone by. I had to share some with you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roller Skating With Friends

The kids earned a night out with friends, they cleaned the Entire House in 30 min, sweep, mop, and vacuuming included.
So here we are, enjoying the LOUD music (not, I must be getting old!)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Books for this semester

My Self study has been so Wonderful this semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed the books I have read, and I wanted to share a list with you. (since November)

I try to read up on the book lists for Madison, so that I can screen them, or discuss them.
In no particular order:

Time Thief (Gideon Trilogy)
Robinson Crusoe
My side of the Mountain
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Shield of Stars (Hilari Bell)
Sword of Water
The making of Hugo Cabret
The Princess Academy

Sugarbush Spring (Picture book)
Gator Gumbo

Family Feasts on $75 per week! (and you can ACTUALLY DO IT!)
America's Cheapest Family
The Soul of Money
Money Management for those who don't have any *
Automatic Millionaire *
Seven Years to Seven Figures
Millionaire Zone
What to do when the Economy Sucks
Total Money Makeover

The Zion Covenant series by Bodie & Brock Thoene

Feel Free to ask me about any of these, I would recommend most, but not all. some of the financial books are not worth the time)

More later!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Last day in my Sunday School Class.

For 18 months now, I have taught the 12-14 year olds in Sunday School. They have been so much fun! We have some days where the Spirit is so strong, and we make headway on the meaty subjects of the Gospel. And then... There are days when they are so clever & silly we get no where.

Either way I enjoy the kids, and meeting these new kids with the turn of a new year makes me a little disappointed and sad that I will not get to know them.

Instead I am called to be "The Compassionate Service Coordinator"

Yeah, its a mouthful; Basically I get to be the to wrangle up service opportunities for all the ward members. I had this calling once before in Payson. and it was not fun. I was often told "NO" when a sister needed dinners brought in, I was often the brut of rude remarks if they didn't get enough meals brought in. IT was a tough ward!

NOT SO with this ward!

They are VERY compassionate, and caring and always willing to serve. We have a very needy ward right now as I imagine many do) with all the unemployment, and the illness, we have had our share of crises in this ward. I have not been told no by a soul. I have been warmed tot he Soul to hear of offers, and going the extra mile.

I look forward to serving with the Ladies in this Relief society presidency.
I look forward to serving the numerous sisters and families in the ward who have need of help.