Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time to Believe Part 5...Seek out mentors

So you have realized who you are.
And you have studied all you can.
Now you are ready to move onto the next level, you are BOOK SMART but lack experience.

So this is the part where you HUMBLE yourself, you accept that you only understand in THEORY your area of expertise, and you find someone with VAST experience and working knowledge on what you have chosen.

Find a Mentor.

Sounds difficult. Maybe. But most people who are the experts in their field enjoy SHARING this passion & JOY! They WANT others to love what they love, and so when they see a eager, young(or older), energetic individual that has shown such interest in what they have interests in...they are typically THRILLED with the opportunity to share in that passion.

So use a little flattery, (for them) and a bit of humility (for you) and ask them to teach you. Be willing to learn however they offer to teach, if that means you will be scrubbing toilets for the first 3 months of your apprenticeship (because they have not had the time to get around to it....) then ACCEPT that JOB! WORK like you have never worked before.... in the end you will gain their respect and TRUST and they will gladly impart all their wise advice and experience for your benefit.

be an ASSET to them!

Be patient, Be Kind, Be humble, Be HUMBLE and be WILLING to WORK for it!

(in the end it is pretty fun......ENJOY the JOURNEY!)