Friday, February 06, 2015

Times and Seasons

It has been OVER a year since I have blogged. Our family has been through some trauma, some teaching and some tribulations.

Madi has gotten married and left the nest.

and the remaining children and I are in a completely new and unchartered territory. It has been very difficult to find where I fit, and what my role in daily life is supposed to be.

We are expecting our 8th baby in June. 20 years after we said 'I-Do' we welcome another spirit into our home.

I was encouraged to keep a record of the uplifting times in our lives, and to be honest this past year has been one I would prefer to forget.

Raising obstinate teenagers and seeing your offspring leave the nest are very difficult things. Although I have worked hard to prepare them for life out 'there' it hasn't properly prepared me for living in this realm.

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