Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bumps in the Road (aka LIFE is HARD)


Its not fair....LIFE is rough....Life is not fair.....Someone is always getting more than me.

Have you heard these antics before?

Have you said these before?

When you see an Olympic Athlete, do you ever hear them say

“ This workout is too hard. this workout is not fair. I have to work harder than the next person....”

NO! NEVER! And tell me why is that?!

NO pain NO gain. We become who we are meant to be through adversity.
Obstacles in life are the Salt & Pepper, the add variety, and flavor. I personally like myself a little Cajun Salt, or Jalapeno Slat... I like FLAVOR.

So when an obstacle arises, we can either sit back, and say...such is life... I give up.

Or we can LEARN, STRETCH, GROW and overcome! Think outside the box!

Realize that each and every struggle is a opportunity for growth, just as each and every workout brings an athlete closer to the goal of successful competitor, each and every life challenge is a workout to bring us closer to our goal, of being competent, successful, happy intelligent humanoids. :)

When you are living your passion, and following your mission, you will find zeal, excitement and joy in the journey, however in order to keep the 'sparks' alive in your daily struggles you must