Friday, March 15, 2013

Whole Hearted

Do you do things Whole-hearted? Do you IMMERSE yourself in project, or commit yourself to a goal to the point of 'no gong back' or do you step cautiously, and carefully into every commitment, weighing the in-out and possibly scenarios?

One is not better than the other, as some who spend time judging,gauging, weighing and preparing may find they are better equipped to deal with things as they come along.

But how much time should you commit to an idea before you are COMMITTED? before you realize your whole heart and soul are not going back?

Having a large family, homeschooling, home birthing, living a lifestyle that is full of compassion and charity, all of these need full commitment, no turning back, you can't commit to a large family, and then say, "oops, that was more than I bargained for, and a wee bit more work than I anticipated!" and go back and fix it!

No turning back.

Once you have seen and the Holy Spirit has moved upon your heart, you are convicted.

Take it however you may, but the choice is an individual one, and while, i may not choose to follow your same lifestyle or goals, and I can respect that you are your own individual. I can still Love You.

And you can understand that just because I am not the same as you, does not mean we are on opposite teams.
And just because you 'support' my projects does not mean I am asking you to financially support me, or them! One of the GREATEST ways you can SUPPORT me is in sharing the campaigns that I create or manage.

I have an overall goal to provide for the needs of many Liberian citizens, through agriculture, midwifery, enterprise, education, health opportunities and advocacy.

This may overwhelm YOU, and that is ok, I am not asking you to perform the necessary tasks to accomplish these goals, what I AM asking, is you have the compassion and desire to see OTHERS succeed and you SHARE, the videos, the links, the plans, the goals. Share with you friends, neighbors, your Doctor, your teachers, your students, share it with everyone you come across, because SOMEWHERE in your network is someone who WANTS to be a part of this project, and only through your kindness of sharing will we find one another!

Feel free to fill out the Volunteer form if your ready to commit (even if that means $5 per month and sharing one video)




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