Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its a beautiful Life....

Life is a complicated thing, it has such highs, and lows, challenges and gifts.

I wonder if the more we focus on those gifts and blessings if the trials actually diminish or of the strength to over come them is magnified.

I don't know, but I do know when I have awoken and the first thoughts are of my blessings, or of the wonderful gifts I have been given, of friendships, relationships, love, and opportunities I seem to spend the remainder of the day with a growing, swelling, over whelming happiness that over takes the frustration of the monotony of daily tasks.

This Christmas was a tough one, traditionally we adopt from the "angel tree" and each of the kids has the opportunity to pick out gifts for kids their age. They have so much fun, and they all giggle and talk about how much these kids will enjoy the presents they have picked out.

We got hit with a hum-dinger of a (financial) surprise on November 20th, and it may well take us the rest of the year to recover from it.
NO funds were available for extras, we were blessed to have enough to pay all the bills, but food & gifts were going to have to wait.

As a family we discuss with our kids all of the details for these types of situations, and of course they were disappointed and sad, but they never complained or made me feel bad. as a matter of fact, they each recanted their holiday wish list (which they are allowed 3 things, an item they need, an item they want and a freebie)
The kids and I made cinnamon rolls, (and ate them, then we made them again, and tried to deliver them, and ended up having a ice storm day. so we never made it to deliver treats to the wonderful friends we cherish.

I was positive that all would work out, and it did, through some anonymous help and some dear kind friends we had enough for Christmas morning, enough that we were able to share with another family that ended up staying with us for the Holiday, as their car broke down and the ice storm (that never was) grounded them to our home.

We enjoyed having them with us, and the sweet family had 3 kids and no gifts. we were THRILLED that we had enough to share! it made the Gift opening spectacular!

Its ALWAYS better to give than to receive!

and the yummy foods we were able to share with the Missionaries on Christmas Eve, and our other good friends, the Whole holiday was made with memories of sharing, caring, and loving. Couldn't ask for a better gift!

I feel so loved.

Heavenly Father knows me, and He Loves me.