Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have been looking around for ideas on fundraisers.
I have found a place that will DONATE a huge portion of the costs for producing 100 shirts.

These shirts we can sell for $10-15 for the 5k or for people who just want to support the adoption.

So please give me some feedback is it worth SPENDING $250 to get shirts made to then SELL? Or does anyone know of a resource that will be willing to donate 100 shirts?

Thanks for the feedback!

A new day.

Sunday. the Sabbath. the hardest day of the week for mothers.

ahhhh..... How I love late church services. It gives me time to enjoy my children, and get ready for church at a slower pace.

The kids. They crack me up. Some days they beg NOT to attend church. Some days they CRY Their eyes out to go to church. (Same kids, different days)

As I contemplate WHY we attend church and what all the habits and rituals of the Sabbath are, I wonder which of them actually bring the spirit of Peace into our home, and which bring frustration and contention.
Again, depends on the day.
Today I was playing scriptures aloud from after we had listened to a few chapters, I turned to a YouTube video with the song "Holding Hands around the World." It has been going through my head as our theme for this adoption. (really every adoption)

When the song had played a few times and I was absent from the room, our son Shaun (18) changed the YouTube channel to one of his choosing.

I of course snapped at him, chastised him and immediately regretted the tone I used to correct him.

When we make mistakes what does our Heavenly Father SHOUT or Yell? I know that when I feel chastised it is a soft pressing upon my heart....A whispering. And then an understanding, of what I have fallen short on, and what I can do to improve.

I am praying today that I can learn these lessons of speaking softly sooner rather than later. that I can correct and teach these Heavenly Children how we are to behave, Do as I Do. To strive to be the Example of a Believer of Christ.

and yes. I will apologize to the child(ren) that I accost in impatience.