Friday, May 28, 2010

Very qick 3 days (Is it really Friday!?)

Thursday was the birthday party, we had a BLAST! Rubi was adorable. She is so fun to party with.

And of course Wes & Bry kept plugging away on the bus. We are so blessed to have Bryan's expertise & energy,we Love his willingness to give freely of his time from 8 a.m. until some nights 10 p.m.... I just appreciate his so much! We could NOT have gotten this much done without him!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my Rubi-Dooby-Do Happy BIRTHDAY!

My sweet Rubi is 7 today... we are going to celebrate amongst the chaos of the construction projects!
Madi took this picture & made a gift for Rubi.

We spent the day at the Wonderscope Children Museum, it was interactive, eductional & fun. It is on the "TO-DO" again for sure!!!

Came home, had cake & Ice cream, and gifts. I love you Rubi, I hope your day was fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Day 8

Lots of work going on here, I think we should do some research and see who built a conversion bus in the shortest amount of time... I think we are beating a record!
(or rather making a record)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday (day 5) , Sunday(Day 6) & Monday (day 7)

Saturday was EVENTFUL!! I mean seriously jam-packed with chaos, work & adventure. On Friday late (2 a.m.) My friend Dani made it here with HER new bus. (Also a blue bird) She picked it up in St. Louis for a SONG! and drove it here on her way home.
She was here while I was scurrying out the door to set up shave ice. And Wes had to meet the mechanic to cherry-pick the generator off the trailer and into the bus.

We rushed out the door, Wes needed to drop off the generator and then hurry to Peculiar MO as we had another free RV we could pick out the needed items to finish the bus.

So we barely made it to the mechanics before he rushed out. Wes & I moved the generator into the bus, and then Wes went to replenish the ice for my day of selling. I had called & ordered 10 blocks of ice and wes was going to pick it up for me before HE rushed to Peculiar.

He came back empty handed, the service station was out of ice, and had not ordered any more. I had TWO blocks of ice for the first day all season with HOT temps! (ARGH!!!!)

We took it in stride, I figured I would call around and find ice elsewhere.... Oops did I mention the cel phones were not working, as the company had shut off service while we figured out why they charged us an EXTRA $350.00 for this months service. (we did figure it out and the phones were turned back on Sunday)

Wes returned from another service station with empty hands again, he was in a hurry to split, and I was frantic to have ice!

Then Wes got a call (incoming calls were working, but not outgoing calls.... thank goodness!)

Dani had gotten her bus stuck in our driveway... (Wich in her defense was full of miscellaneous lumber & supplies for our bus renovation! AND it is a tricky driveway, with trees on the side and a potato patch blocking any turn around spots) She needed Wes to pick her dad up from the hotel, and come help her get un-stuck (is that a word?)

So Wes left me with my two blocks of ice (that were melting fast as it was a SCORCHER) and went to rescue Dani (I think a man who can drop anything and everything to help a damsel in distress is incredibly attractive!)

So I sold (or rather gave free shave ice away) as another vendor was selling BBQ hand over fist, he had to have made $1,000.00 in 4 hours. He sold out of his BBQ pork. WOW... sadly though not many were buying my quickly melting ice... I think its the KC BBQ thing, everyone around here is obsessed with BBQ (I Don't get it?)

I was forced to come home early as my last block of ice was consumed between the freebies & the melting ice... I was done.

We packed up, and drove home (a little disappointed, but optimistic that the next day would be better!)

When I got home, Dani was still here, and She explained to me that her brakes had gone out while they extracted her from the mud hole she had landed in....

So Wes & Dani's dad were trying to come up with parts to replace her rusted out hydraulic line- brakes. no one had them in stock, so Wes had to manufacture a replacement. (again, I am beaming with pride at my resourceful & skilled husband!)

We made a quick trip to town, getting supplies for Dani's Bus & her drive home....

Dani & head went to get a mapquest directions printed, and LO & BEHOLD my internet was out (second time this month!)

So I called Sasha (MY cha-cha) and she read me the directions to 1-70 route to Utah.

Dani was able to hit the road and Wes went back to work. I had PROMISED the girls that after all their hard work in the sno-shack we would go to a DRIVE-INN theater (what was I thinking????)
So at 9 p.m. we drove to Independence MO for a late show. It was all I cold do to stay awake enough to get home safely! I kept slapping my self and cranking up the AC.

Sunday was truly a day of rest, we went to church (can I say I LOVE 1 p.m. church!!!)

And came home ate dinner and snuggled on the couch watching "Ben-Hur"
ahhh.... rest

thank you dear Heavenly Father for mandating this!

Monday I was ready to open the Sno-Shack for another smashing day of shaving... but again I hit some road-blocks, the ice I ordered was STILL not in... so I called the ICE Co. and made an order , they have been SO Accommodating, and are delivering my 20 blocks tomorrow even though its not on their regular route! (Thank you Excelsior Ice!)

Since my day was not going as I intended I offered myself as the girl... for the men at work.
I picked Bryan up...

I picked Sheet metal screws up....

I picked up a 4" angle grinder blade....

and roof caulking....

and R-13 insulation....

and a 32" shower pan.....

and 4x8 shower wall enclosure....

MInd you NOT in one trip. that would be FAR TO EFFICIENT ! ;)

So Here is a shot of the master bed framed in...

By tonight, we will have a WORKING AC (from the Pacemaker RV we got FREE!)

and a wall & shelving unit complete in the master bedroom!

Wow... talk about progress.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


IN case any of you were thinking that I am a global warming freak, here is evidence of my true nature: I BURN! I burn anything that is not needed and useful.... scraps.... extras... plastic, wood, anything but metal.. I know shame... shame...

The floor is in... now we wait for 24 hours for the glue to cure....

Wes & Bryan have gong north to bring home a RV that we get to strip, and take parts off for our bus. (wish us luck!)

Day 3: keep on keepin' on....

Got the insulation & sub floor put in...

We spent the majority of the day gathering supplies and driving to the city... but still


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Step by Step progress

Elijah got into the Caulking for the bus... he looks infamous.. especially given the hand gesture! (Heil!)

As you can see we have been busy at work here... (well "we" is a loose term ;)

Here are some more progress pictures!

Step Two: (same day) Day Two

Here is the men hard at work, the kids participating, and I journaling and photographing, for posterity's sake. (and so I can legitimately go inside and blog!)

Windows OUT.....

Reflector tape OFF

Sheet metal IN....

Step one: Bus progress

I know, you are on pins & needles waiting to see progress on the bus! well, here we go!
As you know, the week we brought the bus home we took those seats out. (technically step one)

Thursday last week Jake & Madi pulled up the flooring to reveal the subfloor, (metal floor)

Last night we put on a coat of rust-stop and today Bryan & Wes are taking windows out....

It is progress!

Dilemma : What to do about a MIG welder, and how to situate the 400lb. generator!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dream YOUR Dream!

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Living with purpose. For over a year I have been reading, studying and learning about success. About what makes some successful and others languish in poverty. I have found and learned immensely in the past year, WHAT makes others successful, and I struggled with what I needed to accomplish to considered myself successful. I searched, prayed, and analyzed. All in the effort to learn how to become happy & productive.

When I had thought about what I wanted to achieve, and how I would look at myself on the day of my passing, what I would want others to think or say of me, it had nothing to do with money, it had nothing to do with weight, or fame, or wealth.

I was surprised, as I am hard wired for business ideas, I have created and run business since I was 6 years old. I love to create, and I love to provide a valuable service to others. I also enjoy seeing my efforts pay off, incidentally that typically means I am amassing wealth to credit my worth.
And then one morning I remained in bed, wondering if this, redundant and repetitive life I was living was it. Was there nothing more, was all my energy to be used in the daily tasks to just remain in the same system I had been in for the past 15 years? I thought I was gong about it all wrong.
Honestly I don’t care about wealth, I do not care about material things, they have never brought me joy, peace or happiness, I care about people. I love to be around people, I love to meet, speak, and learn from others. And my paradigm shifted, I was surprised that there was not an earthquake, or galactic shift in the stars. My thoughts and efforts WERE futile, I was going about my life mission all backwards. My life mission was to be a PHILANTHROPIST , to care for, love and serve the human race. I had been scheming of a business to support my philanthropic goals for YEARS…
When this thought sank in, I realized all my efforts were futile, because my energies were to be spent serving others, and the way , path and methods of this would automatically shift so that I may serve this purpose. My money, and my needs would be met so long as I was serving my SOUL PURPOSE.

In the 45 days since I have made this discovery, I have been able to MOVE MOUNTAINS. I have overcome my fear of failure, I have formulated a plan, seen miracles wrought in achieving the goals, and had energy & vitality each day as I anticipate the changes and actions to live my SOUL PURPOSE.

What a difference it has made. I wanted to let you all know that you were sent here for a mission, your may not be the same as mine, you may not find peace, energy & passion in serving as I do, that is OK, that does not make you better, nor does it make you worse.
What DOES matter is that you seek out your SOUL PURPOSE, (mind you that is not SINGULAR) it means what SINGS TO YOUR HEART, what exhilarates you when you consider achieving a task, goal or dream… find your Soul’s Purpose, it is unique, and only YOU can achieve it .

LIVE the life you dream of… Follow what you know to be your PASSION, do not hesitate because of all the road blocks, obstacles and hardships that may or may not block your path. As you keep your eye on the goal, the speed-bumps will work themselves out. Don’t take your eye off your dream. As you focus on the END, the piddly and minute details of today will work themselves out. The way will be made available, and the problems will work them selves out.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Kansas City Temple Ground breaking

What a day! We were able to witness the ground breaking of the Kansas City Temple, it is going to be beautiful!

Hope shines bright! what a beautiful sight!

photos courtesy of our good friend Matt.. he is ONE talented Photographer!

Monday, May 03, 2010

6 years... and counting

6 years ago we started this blog (me & that sweet little bird on my shoulder)

We lived in Homer Alaska. That was a memorable time in our lives, we had 4 daughters in hockey, Wes was flying in his first real aviation job (not counting his stint as a flight instructor) We have no regrets from moving from Utah to Alaska. We had the time of our lives!

I got pregnant with our 5th child, whom we referred to lovingly as "buckets" up until the day he was born.

We left Alaska, and a part of our hearts in Homer April of 2006. Wes stayed behind as his job was stable and we felt that as soon as we were settled he could transfer jobs and join the family.

We arrived in Utah, spent time with family, and then in June of 2006, we packed up our VW van, and went looking for our Promised Land. We saw; Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, and finally landed in MIssouri. The Lord tenderly cared for our needs, we met a Home school family that needed a house-sitter, we took care of their beautiful home for 9 months, this enabled us to get out of consumer debt, and formulate a plan. Wes would start looking right away for work, so that he could be home every night. His current schedule took him away from the family for 18 days at a time. I thought that as he had a son, the motivation to be home regularly would push him to leave Alaska.

Our son was born into our hands, in the home of a ward member, who graciously provided a safe, secure & gentle entry for our First home birth.

Zeke brought our count to 5 kids.... and he is a joy!

Two more years we spent in MIssouri, looking for "the House" and "The Spot of Land" to no avail, Wes felt drawn to the Far West temple site; I felt drawn to live somewhere we would not be spending all our time and money fixing up forever....

We finally signed on the construction loan and began building a home.

Some days, especially in the Winter, I would be drug back down into depression (the original reason we left Alaska) As I felt my life had little meaning, Every day felt like the movie "ground-hog day" redundant, meaningless, monotonous.

I began studying, reading, learning all I could about my passions: Birth & Volunteer work. I dreamed of the day that I could devote my time in these ventures, I knew that as my children grew older I would find the opportunity to study midwifery formally, and become the full-time philanthropist I dreamed of. Someday my ship would come in, and I would be enabled to serve.

One of the books I read sparked a desire to search out the options of living my life dreams now, not waiting for another 18 years....

After reading books and researching for 4 years, I had an "ah-Ha" moment.

My role as a Mother (being my highest priority) was to lead, teach, and encourage my children to fulfill their Earthly Missions.
What better way to do this, than to create opportunities WITH my children to grow, serve & study. I began including my kids in my studies, teaching them what I was learning, even if Midwifery was not Their passion ;)
I hope that as they saw me peruse my life mission, it would give them permission to admit their dreams, and together we could formulate a plan to live out their dreams.

Thus we enter the phase of Life I am currently in.....

Not waiting....

Not wishing....

Finding SOlutions

Creating Opportunities

and Living my passions....

We bought the 1994 Blue Bird Bus... it is on its way to becoming a traveling dream-catcher . In it we will: travel and learn about our Government, our history, and our native culture.

We will Explore new cultures, we will meet new people, we will teach them, that they too have permission to live their Dreams.

My children will grow up knowing that their Soul Purpose was planted in their hearts because their Creator, Their Heavenly Father Wanted them to LIVE, to DREAM, and to CREATE,

We do not have any more money today than the day we left Alaska, we have grown, we have created, and we have experienced life... we are ready for this new portion of our life, the part that reaches beyond our comfort zone, That sees opportunities, Pray for answers, see the possibility and RUNS with it.... not Saunter,

not Walk




We have a timeline:

MAY: Spend our efforts on Selling of our excess, trimming the fat on our spending, and creating income to support our Agenda. Learn Spanish.....
JUNE:Work our tails off, Rent our house, Drive to Utah for a Wedding.Learn Spanish..... PASSPORTS for Kids.
JULY: Work the entire Month in Nauvoo Earning the money that will support us during our BUS Extravaganza. Study Spanish....
August: Traveling, Visiting Family, Continue in earning money. Study Spanish....
SEPTEMBER: Finish the prep on the BUS , and prepare to CROSS THE BORDER....
OCTOBER: Make a pit stop (surprise to the kids) In California
NOVEMBER: Set up Camp In Guatemala ... Volunteer, Garden, Build, Work in the Clinics .... FULL TIME Service...
DECEMBER: Belize and R&R
JANUARY: Head North.... Depending on our success in Central America, we may stay longer, but likely we will start heading back and prepare to create our future.... Possibilities are endless..... Who Knows how, or what we will do.... All i Know is

LIFE .... Will never be the same....

Estimated Costs: $15,000.00