Monday, June 04, 2012

Roller Coasters & Scary rides....

February 2nd 2012 we got onto a extreme ride....

a roller coaster, dipper-diver scary ride... we had no guarantee that we would come out alive, unlike the rides with safety bars and numerous other safety features, this ride was ollin.

No take-backs.

No do-overs.

and it was going to be FAST and FURIOUS.

we have just 4 weeks left to our departure dates. We have $6,000 to go on our fundraising and all the remainder of the paperwork and legal process have almost been finalized.

It is a risk.

It is a miracle.

It has been life-changing.

When the ride is over, will we ever be the same? I hope not. I hope we have grown, and learned so much more about ourselves. I hope we can be better, not bitter. I pray we are closer and stronger.