Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Musts in 15 Minutes

99% of our problems are SELF-INDUCED
Would you agree?

Here is a list of 5 Musts to make your personal business succeed, This applies to my personal business, but can be adapted to any business.

1- Consistency- Walk the Walk, Show the skills, example and priorities you want others to exhibit.

2- Be independent and Auto-sufficient, LEADERS don't need NANNIES!

3- Trust your business, even if its not working, when you follow the pattern of success you will find success! (If your not, then what step are you skipping?)

4-Never stop Prospecting (looking for new clients or customers)

5-Under promise and Over-deliver.
Do what you say. Keep your word.

Breath of Fresh Air.....

Pearls of Wisdom Sept 2011

I am overflowing with ideas, hope, and determination to see this project through. I am not the best at follow through when The project or idea is solely for me. However I am a WORK HORSE when it comes to seeing a project through for OTHERS!


I love to build others up, I enjoy the work, challenge and creativity it takes to conquer a challenge. Today I hone in and sharpen the saw, I zone into my personal mission, My purpose is to build others and encourage them to become all they are meant to be.

I will do this by sharing the knowledge I have gained and research for new opportunities for all around me.

When I have a colleague who's greatest desire is to become a chef, I will research the path and encourage them to take the first shaky steps towards this goal.

As I have a friend who strives to publish a book and support her family through this creative endeavor, I will read, seek and nudge her towards this end goal.

If I have a child who is languishing in fear, not knowing where they should go, and not understanding yet their divine mission. I will pray, search and investigate with this child until they find the mission they were sent her to fulfill.

Yesterday I made an appointment to meet with a successful business owner and restauranteur, I asked him for advice and guidance for yet another friend who has a dream to open a successful catering business and eventually a sit-down restaurant.

When we have ideas, or thoughts that come to us, especially in the early morning hours, or just as we are falling asleep, it is my belief that our Creator, Heavenly Father is whispering to our hearts where he has a desire for us to serve.

Each and every one of us has a Mission to Fulfill. The creator, God has smiled down upon us, and sprinkled us with gifts, desires, dreams and ideas that will lead us down the path to our true purpose.

And in all our missions, our purpose is to GLORIFY GOD. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, it is to bring Honor, Glory and Recognition to Him.

Regardless of the mission you feel led to fill.....You are made in His Image, and He has designed the perfect life for you.