Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Move your FEET

Most of the time people are supportive, loving and kind. To our face. When I tell the story of our life, or I share the portion of the journey we are currently walking, they say things like "You are so adventurous!" or "Your much braver than I"

Occasionally I get people who are real. and they say exactly what they feel to my face. In one instance someone who I admire greatly asked why in the world i would adopt kids when I was capable of having them biologically (I think she said the easy way)


What do you say? My un-restrained thoughts are "Because God commands us to care for the needy, and an orphan fits that bill"

but my politically correct reply was, "We feel this is our calling"

For those who CAN NOT care for more than they have, you should not feel guilty. Your Quiver is full, and you are fulfilling your role. Please do not think I am referring to that situation.

The frustration comes to me when ADULTS address their concern and or unapproved opinions to my CHILDREN, who then have to defend ME.


if an adult has an issue with another adult, then the grown-up thing to do would be speak to that person, not through their child, or neighbor or friend. Because frankly, if you do not know me well enough to offer friendly advice, then maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself.

I do not judge others who have EXCESS, who can travel the world, buy brand new cars every few years, Pay cash for every whim, fancy or idea. They earned it, and they have a right to spend it how they see fit.

But why do others seem to think it is their place to question, comment or gossip about my choices, goals, life and intentions.

People the commandment is to LOVE one another.

Comfort those that need Comforting

Support the poor, Widowed, needy and Orphaned.

and Love thy NEIGHBOR as THYSELF .

Here is a thought that resonates in my mind.
"If not me....then WHO?"
"If not Now...then WHEN?"
"If not this....Then WHAT?"

Adoption is not convenient, cheap, or easy.

the negative comments that are made about me wasting my potential, or how we must be really wealthy, or I must have super powers that they lack...are not true.

When I see someone with a flat on the side of the road, I can think....."Awe, someone else can take care of their needs"


What can you do?

Who needs your hand?

Who needs your love?

if not adoption...then what
it not you...then who
if not now....then when

MOVE YOUR FEET. Do not judge the path I travel, and in return I will smile and nod as our paths cross.