Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time with Family . . . . in Utah

We have been so lucky to be able to spend time in Utah with family, I was able to care for my grandpa for two afternoons/evenings. What a privilege, he is.... well words can not describe the love and admiration I have for this man. Wes got a new phone, and we were able tor record the boys being silly on it, hopefully I can get it to load here. they were doing the Haka. if you don't know what that is, it is the intimidation dance done by the Maori warriors, and rugby players have adopted it in their pre game warm ups.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging just for bloggings sake

I went private, not that anyone would know, since I did not announce or invite anyone, I am a reclusive person, I enjoy being with people but only if they want to be with me, I have serious issues, i am terrified of rejection.

This past month has been hard, I have been rejected by 2 people who I thought would always love me, no matter what. it hurts.

We have a new son, his name is Sione, he is 19 years old, and is the most honorable, honest, hardworking and respectful boy I have ever encountered.
He is living with us to prepare for his mission, we are looking for work for him, work that he can be surrounded by good mentors and teachers, and he can meet peers or friends who will help him reach his goals.
We truly love him, he has become a part of our family.

We are into a routine, Madi wakes for seminary at 5:30 and I wake at 6:30 I go running/work out and when we both get home we prepare breakfast, and have devotional.
The older kids pair off with the youngest ones and do lessons, reading science and art. then the older ones are off to do their own personal study time.
We are usually done by 11 a.m. then we get chores tackled and...boom boredom sets in.... I am not a creative person, I hate messes so crafts are out, I don't eat sugar so baking is out, I have no gas money so going out is not an option, that leaves reading, playing outside, and bugging the mom.

Today is one of those days, the work is done, and the kids are bored, so they keep asking me for this & that, I would love to crawl back into bed and sleep until next week, but that is not an option, so we keep on plugging.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Keep the Faith

I know that life is tough, we are all here to make a difference, to show our character by how we endure and grow through challenges, I feel as if I have been beaten down, and kicked tot he ground lately, as soon as I make a goal, and set in my path that come what may I will endure until the goal is met;

Chaos ensues.

We have had more financial set back in the past 45 days than we have had in years (since we lived in Utah)
Most of these set backs were surprises, something that snuck up and caught us off guard.

It seems unlikely now that the funds that were appropriated for our adoption may need to be used for these surprises, I am sad, and discouraged. I am hoping we can find another way to off set these expenses and continue in our desired goal of home-study in November, and enough funds set aside by February to find a match.

Prayers appreciated, and ideas accepted. Right now I am thinking I can moonlight as a pizza deliverer? or substitute teacher? I have been researching fundraisers. that could work, but it may take a while, since I have to put up the money to pay for some of the coupon cards..... what to do?