Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Step by Step progress

Elijah got into the Caulking for the bus... he looks infamous.. especially given the hand gesture! (Heil!)

As you can see we have been busy at work here... (well "we" is a loose term ;)

Here are some more progress pictures!

Step Two: (same day) Day Two

Here is the men hard at work, the kids participating, and I journaling and photographing, for posterity's sake. (and so I can legitimately go inside and blog!)

Windows OUT.....

Reflector tape OFF

Sheet metal IN....

Step one: Bus progress

I know, you are on pins & needles waiting to see progress on the bus! well, here we go!
As you know, the week we brought the bus home we took those seats out. (technically step one)

Thursday last week Jake & Madi pulled up the flooring to reveal the subfloor, (metal floor)

Last night we put on a coat of rust-stop and today Bryan & Wes are taking windows out....

It is progress!

Dilemma : What to do about a MIG welder, and how to situate the 400lb. generator!