Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time to Believe.... Part 6

OK, since this path is NOT a short one... and you have spent at least a year in educating yourself, becoming the expert and allowing yourself to enjoy the journey. You have humbled yourself and learned all you can about your area of interest.

Now comes the fun!!

TEACH what you have LEARNED!

Now give back to others, offer to share what you know, what you love and why it means so much to you. Make that joy contagious. Maybe others will not lose it AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

But share anyway... some portion of what you have learned will be the nugget of information that is vital (VITAL) to someone else. IF you keep it to your self.... your not using those God-Given talents their full glory.

TALENTS?! You say..... WAIT a minute, I had to work LONG & HARD to become the expert, to learn all I can and to have this much knowledge, that was WORK, not TALENT!

yep. Your right, your absolutely right.

And God gave you the TALENT of loving that subject and the TALENT or Gift of Knowledge.

Now share it. You TRULY only know what you know...when you can teach what you know. The Student becomes the teacher and the knowledge becomes a PART of you!

teaching is the greatest gift, honor & privilege! So share it!