Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's DONE!!! A year long adoption journey and weeks of work writing a book and preparing it for sale, all for this moment!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of my co-author and biggest cheerleader, Susan and Sasha, my ever present friend and editor, we are ready to launch Fast Adoption Fundraising!

This is the moment when we need you!

Have you heard of 'book bombs'? A book bomb is a marketing strategy that includes MANY people sharing the book, and promoting the book all at one time.

I have the Ebook completed, and the sales page is nearly done, in the next couple of days the link to the book will go live. I need YOU to help me out by blasting this email to all your friends, family, and e-mail list to build anticipation for the sale.

We are offering Fast Adoption Fundraising at a REALLY LOW price in the hopes that it will reach MANY who could use what is inside, including:
• A simple path to raising funds in a limited time frame.
• The ability to expand your pool of potential donors exponentially.
• The power to effectively explain your adoption dreams to others.
• The understanding to solicit donations without offending family, friends, and potential donors.
• The knowledge to leverage online and offline media to reach your goal.
• The confidence to organize supporters, volunteers, and events with ease.

This book will benefit families that are in the middle of thier adoption journey as well as families who feel they can only dream of adoption. Fast Adoption Fundraising will help every family create a simple fundraising plan customized to their specific circumstances. In the book, share our journey, tips for success, and the inside scoop of our own experience.

Please like and SHARE our FACEBOOK page by following this link.

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SELLING this ebook is the LAST step in raising the funds to adopt Divine! We only need to sell 500 copies and Divine's adoption will be paid for!

THEN, ALL the funds will go directly to Borto Orphanage to FEED and CARE for over 40 orphans.

Thank you!

For anyone interested in FREE GIFTS- Share the email, make a unique blog post that links to the FACEBOOK page, and or BLOG about your involvement in our adoption journey, we will enter your name into a drawing for a FREE COPY!

Dee Gordon
Author of Fast Adoption Funds

Friday, March 15, 2013

Whole Hearted

Do you do things Whole-hearted? Do you IMMERSE yourself in project, or commit yourself to a goal to the point of 'no gong back' or do you step cautiously, and carefully into every commitment, weighing the in-out and possibly scenarios?

One is not better than the other, as some who spend time judging,gauging, weighing and preparing may find they are better equipped to deal with things as they come along.

But how much time should you commit to an idea before you are COMMITTED? before you realize your whole heart and soul are not going back?

Having a large family, homeschooling, home birthing, living a lifestyle that is full of compassion and charity, all of these need full commitment, no turning back, you can't commit to a large family, and then say, "oops, that was more than I bargained for, and a wee bit more work than I anticipated!" and go back and fix it!

No turning back.

Once you have seen and the Holy Spirit has moved upon your heart, you are convicted.

Take it however you may, but the choice is an individual one, and while, i may not choose to follow your same lifestyle or goals, and I can respect that you are your own individual. I can still Love You.

And you can understand that just because I am not the same as you, does not mean we are on opposite teams.
And just because you 'support' my projects does not mean I am asking you to financially support me, or them! One of the GREATEST ways you can SUPPORT me is in sharing the campaigns that I create or manage.

I have an overall goal to provide for the needs of many Liberian citizens, through agriculture, midwifery, enterprise, education, health opportunities and advocacy.

This may overwhelm YOU, and that is ok, I am not asking you to perform the necessary tasks to accomplish these goals, what I AM asking, is you have the compassion and desire to see OTHERS succeed and you SHARE, the videos, the links, the plans, the goals. Share with you friends, neighbors, your Doctor, your teachers, your students, share it with everyone you come across, because SOMEWHERE in your network is someone who WANTS to be a part of this project, and only through your kindness of sharing will we find one another!

Feel free to fill out the Volunteer form if your ready to commit (even if that means $5 per month and sharing one video)




you can fill it out online:

Volunteer Survey

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More than words?

It has been over a month since I last wrote. I apologize, and plead ALL the happenings have kept me occupied!

On February 16th 2013 Peter and I flew home to be reunited with our family!

What a triumphant time that was!

Then once we had rested and settled into our home routine (48 hours) we started looking back on the needs of our Liberian family, and the ways (big and small) that we could make a difference.

We are so blessed to have all that we enjoy, more food than 80% of the world population can ever fathom.
We have resources left over after all our necessities to peruse entertainment and pleasure.

Somehow all that was hard to swallow.

Somehow the little things that brought me great enjoyment before, now brought me sorrow.

I can no longer enjoy those little rituals, for the knowledge that if I gave up, just a little more, I would have enough left over to share, help, and lift those who had so little.

To put it in perspective, the annual tuition for a school age child is $80
The monthly costs to charge and use a cell phone (a vital need in Liberia) $30
Costs of taxi/shuttle transportation to get to work (if your lucky enough to have a job) $45

average monthly salary - $45-125

You can see just with this, how Up-side down these people are in their resources, I have not even mentioned food.

the food in Liberia is sold in such small quantities (.20 cents for a baggie of rice) and at first i could not understand/comprehend why this was?

Then when i saw those mothers going to the market or food stands any buying their daily provisions, I realized.

It took them all day long to find the means to buy $1 worth of food for their families.

And they had several mouths to feed. It is astounding what we all consider "NEEDS"

I am trying to be compassionate with out being judgmental.
I know this is my short coming, as I can not understand why OTHERS can not feel moved to do the same.

I am a work in progress, and I so appreciate ALL who have jumped onto my bandwagon and made THEIR sacrifices to help in any size, way or portion to help!