Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The rest.....

Grati-Tuesday....I have SO MUCH to be grateful for....I don't even know where to begin. Healthy & Happy kids, a beautiful Home, a Husband who adores me, Food aplenty, opportunities for growth, mentors and friends who encourage and nudge me towards my personal goals...lush green landscape, air conditioner that keeps us chilled, my mind, my body and my spirit.

And yet 22,000 people died while I was sleeping comfortably in my bed.

It is tragic. Heartbreaking and unnecessary. You and I live abundant lifestyles...we are one of the 2% of the worlds population living with clean water, food daily, safe shelter, we are protected and safe.

Have I Done any good in the world today?

This is my life theme....

I am SO BLESSED, even when I list all the things I want in life, I know that I live in wealth, I have access to health care, nutrition and safety. I do not fear for my life, nor the lives of my children and posterity.

We live in abundance....even if I complain that I was not able to buy a new 'this-n-that'

I AM wealthy.

When my husband returns home from work, we take an impromptu outing, we dine-out, we shop, we relax and see a movie. The average spent on our date night is between $30-$150. That is twice per month with a spending of $60-$300 PER MONTH. I am WEALTHY.

Did you see in the news? 22,000 deaths today.

I may gripe that I can not buy a new camera, or take another vacation, I may grumble when an appliance breaks down, or when a car needs repair...


I have enough to provide for my children the necessites of life...


I am so deeply grateful for all I have.

So back to the news...Did you see the news, did you see that 22,000 died while we were sleeping? no.

Watch this video and you will see what happened.