Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to Believe.... Part 3

Seek out Knowledge.

When you read, ask and search for new information it forms a more concrete idea in your mind of WHO YOU ARE.

If you know there is a WAY to change, but you are not sure WHAT that is, Take the time, invest in yourself, and learn. About everything.

Investigate the lives of those you admire, both dead and alive. Search, learn, read grow. Just as when you plant a seed in the ground, then you nurture, water and adore that seed, you imagine it growing and eventually being harvested.

So too with your thoughts, you are planting seeds of thoughts to grow into ideas.

Spend time deep in learning. Seek out light. Do not waste your time with garbage, just as you would not plant seeds of noxious weeds, plant carefully in the garden of your mind.

As you seek out this knowledge, you will find that area that brings you specific glee, bliss and passion. You will discover WHO you are meant to be.

As you study, learn and cultivate higher knowledge you will discover your purpose.

The Mission Your God has sent you to tackle.

Now get to it......
Knowledge is the ONLY thing we take with us into the next life....