Sunday, January 08, 2012

The way you succeed.

Lose Weight

Get out of Debt

Learn a new Skill

Finish your Degree

Build a House

Build an Empire

Make more Money

Build your Year supply of Food storage.

Do you have a desire to accomplish any of these?

What is the ONE thing each of these have in common? A vision, and end Goal in mind.

When you have a desire, no matter what that desire is. You must keep your end goal in mind.

Life is a struggle, it is a challenge and a lot of work. Each day we will be faced with distractions and ways that will take you OFF focus OFF track, and Divert your attention from your goal.

When you set out to lose weight, and you get an invitation to a party, or a holiday comes up (ever single month) or your favorite chocolate goes on sale. Do you divert your path? Do you change your course? Maybe. But will you receive the benefit (reaching that goal) if you waver in your commitment to the goal.

When you set out to pay off all your debt, and Kohls has a DEEP DISCOUNT sale, and you get an offer for additional 40% off coupon. Do you divert your goal, do you spend a little more than originally planned, since it is such a great deal. Maybe. But does it bring you closer to being debt-free?

Stop and Think.

as you set your goals in writing, and you COMMIT with all your energy stick to the plan. DO NOT WAVER, focus on the desire to accomplish the task.

Stick to the task 'till it sticks to YOU!