Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Keep the Faith

I know that life is tough, we are all here to make a difference, to show our character by how we endure and grow through challenges, I feel as if I have been beaten down, and kicked tot he ground lately, as soon as I make a goal, and set in my path that come what may I will endure until the goal is met;

Chaos ensues.

We have had more financial set back in the past 45 days than we have had in years (since we lived in Utah)
Most of these set backs were surprises, something that snuck up and caught us off guard.

It seems unlikely now that the funds that were appropriated for our adoption may need to be used for these surprises, I am sad, and discouraged. I am hoping we can find another way to off set these expenses and continue in our desired goal of home-study in November, and enough funds set aside by February to find a match.

Prayers appreciated, and ideas accepted. Right now I am thinking I can moonlight as a pizza deliverer? or substitute teacher? I have been researching fundraisers. that could work, but it may take a while, since I have to put up the money to pay for some of the coupon cards..... what to do?