Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sledding and Creative Cooking

I was a dumby, and forgot to monitor the propane levels. we ran out this morning, woke to the house being 50˚ Wes immediately went out to check the levels. Yep WAY PAST Empty.

So we bundled up, got busy cleaning and cooking while Wes solved the crisis. (Good thing he was here I would have been WAY too overwhelmed to take on that Challenge)

The Propane Trucker said he WOULD NOT attempt our driveway if it had not been cleared (we got 4 inches of snow last night) So we had to borrow the 4-Wheeler with plow from Crockett's, which of course insisted the idea of sledding with the Crockett's and so Wes brought home a few Crockett's to sled with our kids while he cleared the driveway. (read: had fun on the 4-wheeler)

I stayed inside baked and made potato soup (I HAD forgotten the tiny detail about needing PROPANE to heat the soup)
So Once again... my hero...
Brought out his Trusty-Rusty camp stove, and got my soup a boiling!

We had allot of fun despite the altered plans.