Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dream YOUR Dream!

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Living with purpose. For over a year I have been reading, studying and learning about success. About what makes some successful and others languish in poverty. I have found and learned immensely in the past year, WHAT makes others successful, and I struggled with what I needed to accomplish to considered myself successful. I searched, prayed, and analyzed. All in the effort to learn how to become happy & productive.

When I had thought about what I wanted to achieve, and how I would look at myself on the day of my passing, what I would want others to think or say of me, it had nothing to do with money, it had nothing to do with weight, or fame, or wealth.

I was surprised, as I am hard wired for business ideas, I have created and run business since I was 6 years old. I love to create, and I love to provide a valuable service to others. I also enjoy seeing my efforts pay off, incidentally that typically means I am amassing wealth to credit my worth.
And then one morning I remained in bed, wondering if this, redundant and repetitive life I was living was it. Was there nothing more, was all my energy to be used in the daily tasks to just remain in the same system I had been in for the past 15 years? I thought I was gong about it all wrong.
Honestly I don’t care about wealth, I do not care about material things, they have never brought me joy, peace or happiness, I care about people. I love to be around people, I love to meet, speak, and learn from others. And my paradigm shifted, I was surprised that there was not an earthquake, or galactic shift in the stars. My thoughts and efforts WERE futile, I was going about my life mission all backwards. My life mission was to be a PHILANTHROPIST , to care for, love and serve the human race. I had been scheming of a business to support my philanthropic goals for YEARS…
When this thought sank in, I realized all my efforts were futile, because my energies were to be spent serving others, and the way , path and methods of this would automatically shift so that I may serve this purpose. My money, and my needs would be met so long as I was serving my SOUL PURPOSE.

In the 45 days since I have made this discovery, I have been able to MOVE MOUNTAINS. I have overcome my fear of failure, I have formulated a plan, seen miracles wrought in achieving the goals, and had energy & vitality each day as I anticipate the changes and actions to live my SOUL PURPOSE.

What a difference it has made. I wanted to let you all know that you were sent here for a mission, your may not be the same as mine, you may not find peace, energy & passion in serving as I do, that is OK, that does not make you better, nor does it make you worse.
What DOES matter is that you seek out your SOUL PURPOSE, (mind you that is not SINGULAR) it means what SINGS TO YOUR HEART, what exhilarates you when you consider achieving a task, goal or dream… find your Soul’s Purpose, it is unique, and only YOU can achieve it .

LIVE the life you dream of… Follow what you know to be your PASSION, do not hesitate because of all the road blocks, obstacles and hardships that may or may not block your path. As you keep your eye on the goal, the speed-bumps will work themselves out. Don’t take your eye off your dream. As you focus on the END, the piddly and minute details of today will work themselves out. The way will be made available, and the problems will work them selves out.