Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Williamsburg, VA Yorktown Battlefield

We boon docked (slept in the bus, not plugged in) saved money... I like that :D

and then we got to see Yorktown Battlefield, the kids talked e into walking down the path to the White Flag of Cornwallis



After we were done (and crispy sun burnt) we had to walk back to the picnic area, I swear it was a 4 mile round trip... in the open air (read: SUN SHINE & HUMIDITY)

but the kids had fun (who knew they had cactus in Virginia!?)

the view was spectacular, the company was lovely, and the historic reminder of the preciousness of FREEDOM was poignant .

We talked to the kids about the significance of this part of the country, just as the precious blood spilt in Nauvoo for our religion, the blood spilt for our Nations freedom it is hard NOT to be humbled by the magnitude of sacrifice.

Thank You America....

I Love You