Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Midwife Confrence (with INA MAY GASKIN!)

I was able to rub shoulders with INA MAY GASKIN, we ate lunch together, we talked, and laughed, shared birth stories...

no exaggeration!

I attended the FIRST Kansas City Birth Network Conference held in KC, Mo.

I was in a room with 150+ participants who may be just as engrossed and drawn to birth as I am! Although I did not see one T-Shirt that says "Birth Junkie" maybe I should make one and market it at the next conference ;)

I was able to study the statistics of home birth vs. hospital birth, and
the rates of risk involved in a VBAC.

I took tons of notes, and met some really neat people. Wes even tagged along, it was awesome. reminds me why I love birth, there is so much potential to be truly in love with labor, to know that as you ride a "rush" (what Ina May calls Contractions) and look forward to the climax of holding a pink, wet, warm little wiggly creature, its all worth it in the end.

These little angels come to us, trusting that we will do our best to ensure their needs are met, and can you imagine the fear & anxiety they must feel as they are tugged out of their environment , or have high stress surrounding their entry?
Just like when you enter a room and notice all the inhabitants are rushing around, shouting, and lights are blaring int your eyes, now compare that to entering into a dimly-lit room with candles, and soft voices, gentle laughter and soft touch upon your shoulder greeting you.

I know my baby appreciates a calm environment.

I know I do....

More about the conference later.