Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to Believe.... Part 3

Seek out Knowledge.

When you read, ask and search for new information it forms a more concrete idea in your mind of WHO YOU ARE.

If you know there is a WAY to change, but you are not sure WHAT that is, Take the time, invest in yourself, and learn. About everything.

Investigate the lives of those you admire, both dead and alive. Search, learn, read grow. Just as when you plant a seed in the ground, then you nurture, water and adore that seed, you imagine it growing and eventually being harvested.

So too with your thoughts, you are planting seeds of thoughts to grow into ideas.

Spend time deep in learning. Seek out light. Do not waste your time with garbage, just as you would not plant seeds of noxious weeds, plant carefully in the garden of your mind.

As you seek out this knowledge, you will find that area that brings you specific glee, bliss and passion. You will discover WHO you are meant to be.

As you study, learn and cultivate higher knowledge you will discover your purpose.

The Mission Your God has sent you to tackle.

Now get to it......
Knowledge is the ONLY thing we take with us into the next life....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Recognize your time is Limited....Part 2

If not You, then who?
If not This then What?
If not Now, then When?

How many times have you seen a problem, anything from a piece of trash lying on the sidewalk, to a homeless person pushing a shopping cart.

Maybe you have thought "oh that is too bad, someone should pick that up." and then you walked away. So let me ask you something. WHO is that SOMEONE?
If you looked at the homeless person and though, "What a shame, that must be humiliating" Then you proceeded to your warm, lavishly decorated, comfortable home and life. Leaving the responsibility of that one individual to 'someone else'

Certainly these are not YOUR problems to consider?

Certainly SOMEONE else has a solution.


Who will start tomorrow on their "Bucket List" ?
What is wrong with today?
What is keeping you from working on that list of Goals? What are you waiting for?
To get out of debt, Loose weight, Start exercising, Kick that bad habit, Reach out to a loved one.

Your time here is LIMITED, so START NOW!

Friday, December 23, 2011

It is Time to believe . . . . Part 1

For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who don't no proof is good enough.

What are the steps to finding your personal mission, your ideal life?

It is my aim to help you create this vision in your mind, and move it to paper.

A goal that is not written down, is simply a DREAM......

While I *AM* a huge advocate of dreaming, I admit that it can only get you so far.

Dreaming is planting a seed, and the cultivating takes effort. Starting with the act of writing down the details of your dream, Where are you, what are you doing, where do you spend your time, who is surrounding you, How do you feel. If you focus and dig deep into your dream, assessing the finite details you will establish what you TRULY desire.

When we are on path to our bliss, our personal mission and our dreams, we create an energy that lifts, brightens and offers hope to others.

When we are on track and making actions, movement and progress towards our goals, we will find increase in happiness, and the efforts to overcome the FEARS become easier.

Fear and Faith can NOT co-exist. Fear is from the adversary, Faith is of God.

Now take a minute and answer, who wants us to be fulfilled, happy and energized?

Not the Father of all Lies. He desires us to be depressed, angry, resentful, jealous, and waste our time.

WHO are you serving when you remain small, depressed, and angry?

Not the Father of Light.

So start, spend some time in meditation, relax, allow your mind to flow into peaceful thoughts. and Dream. Imagine if you had no restrictions whatsoever, what would your house look like? your car? Your Physical Body, your bank account, and what would you be spending your time doing?

Then write it down, write down every detail you can recall. Write down the colors, the smells, the sights, the feelings and the sounds you experienced.

Be as detailed as you can.

When it frightens you, then most likely you have it almost figured out.

Step one-
Recognize WHO you are, you are a creation/offspring of God, you carry a capacity in His image and you are capable of BIG things.

You are here to Glorify Him.

Is what you are doing Glorifying Him? or is there room for improvement. (always)

make an Honest assessment of where you are, and what you need to do.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fascinating info

United States
United Kingdom

These are my readers.....I am read internationally!

For the lone reader who requested a post.

Here it is.

Now you have all that I am.

That is how considerate and accommodating I am.

(actually I am working my little tail off...ok not so little but....any way I digress.... I am working my TAIL off on a project for and with Wesley the Bush Pilot.....I will let you all know when it is ready for public viewing!)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Become Sarah Conner?

Why home school? someone more articulate than I am can explain it.

Here Glenn Beck answers WHY it is important to bring our children home, and educate them on thier future. IF we don't do it... Who will?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Seeing is NOT believing FEELING is believing!

Some of us were given one gift, others may have been given 4.

Open your gift, the one our Creator and Lord gave you. What is it? Do you have a gift of insight, patience, Love, wisdom, humility.

Use it.

Now . I mean literally, go out and find ways to use the gifts that your heavenly father has given you. It is a gift, and he intended it to not only bless your life, but bless others as well.

So find it.
Open it.
and use it.

Not using your gift is a sin, if you do not believe this, read the parable of the talents. Matthew 25:14-30

Fall weather

This beautiful fall weather is amazing.....

My daughter, Madi and I went on a long walk with the dog. Our great dane has been such a sweetie while we are traveling, you would not believe the change that has come over him. When he first came to our house he was jittery and nervous. (probably the onslaught of 6 kids at once ) and he really disliked being affectionate with us.

But he has really come around since being with us on the bus trip.

He acts like a little kid, he plays, chases, rolls around and wrestles with us. so much fun!

When I was a little girl i had a yellow lab, I named her Max. (yes, her.)

Max would play fight with me, and grab ahold of my arm gently and wrestle with me in the grass. She was so fun and playful, and I have missed that in the many little dogs we have had the past years.

But here I have my dream dog (wanted a Great Dane since I was 8) and he has been so playful!

on another note:
The kids put on a play for their grandfather.

Rubi put on dress-up clothes and Abi & Gracie were dressed as young boys.
The 'boys' attacked Rubi (the damsel in distress) and Zeke in his Batman cape came to her rescue. He was "Super-Jay" (grandpa Jay)

It was short but cute.

It has been relaxing and fun visiting Utah, we have reminisced and visited areas of my old stomping grounds, Took the kids by my old High School.

It has been a nice introspective trip.

I am amazed at the abundance in Utah, people are beautiful, the mountains are breathtaking, people here are so resourceful and entrepreneur-minded. It is exhilarating, and competitive, it is almost 100% opposite of my small little Missouri town.

Life is a slower pace, the people are like they are in Mayberry, old-fashioned & hard-working good people.

I like that we are small, and that we have room to grow, we all live on our parcel of land, and have plenty of room for the kids to roam.

I am reminded of the reasons why wemoved there in 2006. I am reminded of the values and lessons we longed to teach our children. Hard work, honesty, skills that will keep you comfortable in a crisis.

I love visiting Utah. I love seeing family, friends and my old home town.

But I sure love coming home.

Thank yout o my friends in Missouri, who have helped to make Rural NortWest Missouri...."Home"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Managing the Chaos

I have 6 kids.
4 Daughters (two are teens) and 2 sons (5 yrs & 2 yrs)

I LOVE parenting them, they are such a joy.

But it was not always so. OH NO, if you go back into the archives of this blog, you may find days of ranting, screaming and raving. Threats, and frustration uncooperative children, and a wreck of a home every single day.

I was at my whits end.

I cried daily, and I begged heavenly Father to take this burden from me. I seriously dreamed of sending the kids away to boarding school, to public school, to army camp....

I did not have a love for the daily tasks of being a mom, and I did not feel like I was helping to equip my children for success.

Then I met a super-mom...no literally, she has 25 kids, and she has such a sweet demeanor and her children were kind, obedient, and respectful.
I was so privileged to spend an entire 6 weeks with this amazing mom. I observed for the first couple of weeks, and finally got the nerve to start asking questions and finding out how she managed.

I shared the wisdom I learned from that on this post....

but I expanded on that knowledge by listening to This set of CD's and I have altered and forever changed how I saw mothering and parenting. I can honestly say my paradigm has changed and I feel LOVE and HONOR to parent these kids. I am IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE!

If you are struggling, please consider the changes that can come in your heart, and in your habits that will change how you view parenting and how you view running a household.
Take the time to listen to this CD and let me know what YOU learned from her advice and experience.

Love our Children

Women. Love your Children enough to follow your passions. Share with them you desires, goals and dreams.

The Lord is pleased with your choice to parent. He recognizes the sacrifice and has gifts and blessings according to this sacrifice.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth....

For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so too He loves the bow that is stable. Khalil Gibron

let others live small lives.
But not you
let others argue over small things
But not you
let others cry over small hurts.
But not you.
Let others leave their future in someones else's hands....

You will NEVER rise above the expectation you have for yourself. CHOOSE where you want to be. CHOSE who you want to be. TAKE ACTION
DO it Now.

SHOW love- Kisses, hold hands, reach out to them, show an interest in what they are doing.
SPEAK love- Use kind words, use gentle tones, allow them to express themselves and learn in a safe environment, where they know that no matter what mistakes they make, you will always accept, love and support them.
BE Love- When we forgive, and accept ourselves, in each imperfection, we are teaching our children (who idolize and adore us) that we know we are imperfect, but we love them perfectly.

*I AM NOT ADVERTISING to leave the home!*

I am simply saying that we as Mothers have a responsibility to love our children enough to take time to develop our own skills and knowledge.

and share it
and share it
and share it

Our children need to see the variety and possibility in life......through our eyes!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The POWER of Words

The Power of Words.
A secret word that unlocks the hidden strengths and talents in yourself and others.

I just finished reading a powerful book. All about words. The root of words, the strength of words, etymology. What a beautiful thing.

Aspire, Discovering your purpose through the power of words. by Kevin Hall

I will share with you some of the words, and their power.
Before this word is spoken the palms of the hands are pressed together, the head is bowed, and the hands touch the heart.
Namaste (pronounced nah-mah-STAY)
If you have practiced Yoga, you may have heard this word. Roughly translated it means'
“The divine light within me salutes the divine light within you,
I salute what you do best, I salute your natural gifts. I honor your uniqueness and your specialness.”

Pretty powerful huh?

So what do you think would happen if we spoke a single word with that much power, strength and energy to each person we greet?

Be who you are born to be.

Open your gifts AND USE THEM!

The cave that holds our greatest gifts also holds our biggest fear.

When we are around a true friend, we are free to be ourselves.

Are you a true friend?

The next word I want to share with you is called a secret word, it unlocks the potential inside each of us and gives us permission to Love.

This word is GENSHAI
(Pronounced Gen-SHY)>

This word means that you would never treat another person that would make them feel small.
Not yourself, not anyone.
Say this aloud with me:
1- I am Worthy.
2-I am capable.
3-I am deserving.
4-I forgive myself.
5-I trust myself.

When we choose to treat everyone as a unique and valuable person, we would never place ourselves above, nor below anyone. We are all on a path, and we have learned valuable and irreplaceable lessons along the way. Others are not smaller than ourselves, nor are we smaller than anyone else.

The last word I will share with you today is

this is an Aztec word that means exactly what you say... “All-in” it is what they would use when their were earthquakes, and emergencies implying that AT THIS MOMENT we are required to MOVE & ACT.
Immediately and without delay.

Move on something you felt moved to do, respond to the inspiration, insight and do it NOW.

When inspiration strikes it is meant to be acted upon IMMEDIATELY

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



This was the slight thrown at me as a child. It was said with such disdain and disappointment that I grew to believe it was a bad word. I derogatory title. I was a 'dreamer' I had my head in the clouds, I was not going to amount to anything, because I did not have any skills to match my imagination.

Today, after 30+ years of struggling, I have come to appreciate, that my imagination, is an asset. I feel pity for those who do not have one. I feel pity for people who do not have a dream, or they have convinced themselves that to dream is to be immature, or unrealistic.

I love to dream, and I thoroughly love cultivating a dream in others. When their eyes light up with hope, with the possibilities and with a smile. It is all worth it.

I may be a dreamer, but I am a HAPPY GIRL and I LOVE MY LIFE!

Do you have DREAM APATHY? Sign up and join others who are combating dream apathy daily on

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When life gives you LEMONS What do you do?!

Make Lemon Meringue Pie...Why? Cause it is way more involved than Lemon-Aid...and Cause my Grandma Clara was the best Lemon Meringue pie maker. EVER.

So here is the real deal.

I am determined to practice what I preach! We drove out to Utah on a borrowed dime. I had the faith that I would learn new skills and meet new people that could direct me in my long term goals.


I have learned from the MASTERS. I have been energized and Invigorated. I feel like my zeal for life has grown Immensely!

ENTER Opposition!

We arrived and had pay-day. We survived the Month and Wes returned to Alaska for his work.
I attended a birth, and got busy learning and exploring many venues and skills I had never before attempted.

I made appointments and met in person with many whom consider to be Masters of their art.

We all packed and prepped for 2 days to go camping. My Wesley changed the alternator in the Bus, and we all merrily went along our path....we made it a whopping 45 miles...then

The Transmission Seized up in the bus!

HA !

Hilarious I KNOW!

And so we sat in the Harmon's Parking lot...and made phone calls, and checked out prices. We GULP have to come up with $1450 to have the Tranny Rebuilt.

It is about $450 more than is in any account. (secret is out)

So what do we do?

My Wesley offers to sell his Guns, Bows, and Canoe. (NOT AN OPTION)

And so we were able (with prayer and patience) to coax the bus back up the Provo Canyon, and in to Heber. When we arrived at our destination, the bus was SMOKING up a storm and the Transmission gave up the ghost.


Because we were headed out for a 2000 mile journey
we COULD have been 600 Miles from ANYTHING.
We COULD have just spent our last dollar on fuel.
We COULD have Been stranded for days waiting for family to drive to pick us up....

We are so Blessed. We have a WONDERFUL Grandma who makes us feel welcome and creates a space for all of us to sleep comfortably.

We are so BLESSED we have items in our ownership that we can sell off to pay for the expensive Transmission.

We are BLESSED we have plenty of food to eat, clothes to wear and a warm, fluffy down comforter to sleep with.

We have a BURNED Transmission, and an empty bank account, but we are BLESSED!

LEAD ON.....

Becoming a great leader.
What are the qualities of a great leader?

Leaders look to others first, they know that while they are capable of doing many things, they are also able to allow someone with a skill greater than their own to perform and excel.

Leaders Love their job.
Leaders Love their team.
They wake up with passion.
Work with all your heart.
They write down goals.
They serve.
They lift.
They do what needs to be done, regardless of the task.
They don't mind getting dirty.
They are humble.
They are approachable.
They discuss with their team to help everyone grow together.
They know what motivates them.

Who is a great leader? Gordon Morton Sr. said, “Watch what the masses do. And DON'T do it!”

Leaders can separate themselves, we can all strive to become better, and : “be willing to work like no one else will, so that one day we can Live like no one else can.”

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Harold R. McAlindon

Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves.
Lao Tzu

Monday, October 17, 2011


How? Use photos, quotes, messages written on your walls, speak out loud the desired results you are seeking. Make a dream board. Take a week, or two, and find pictures, in magazines, or print them off the internet, hang them up where you can look at them daily. Keep the Dream Alive. And you will find more purpose in your daily tasks.

Look for a cause, be apart of something BIGGER than you! Seek to help, lift, aid, support someone or something bigger than you. It may be your children, your grandchildren, a humanitarian cause, or a religion. Whatever it may be, incorporate it into your daily habits. Think beyond yourself. Look for opportunities to stretch, and serve.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bumps in the Road (aka LIFE is HARD)


Its not fair....LIFE is rough....Life is not fair.....Someone is always getting more than me.

Have you heard these antics before?

Have you said these before?

When you see an Olympic Athlete, do you ever hear them say

“ This workout is too hard. this workout is not fair. I have to work harder than the next person....”

NO! NEVER! And tell me why is that?!

NO pain NO gain. We become who we are meant to be through adversity.
Obstacles in life are the Salt & Pepper, the add variety, and flavor. I personally like myself a little Cajun Salt, or Jalapeno Slat... I like FLAVOR.

So when an obstacle arises, we can either sit back, and say...such is life... I give up.

Or we can LEARN, STRETCH, GROW and overcome! Think outside the box!

Realize that each and every struggle is a opportunity for growth, just as each and every workout brings an athlete closer to the goal of successful competitor, each and every life challenge is a workout to bring us closer to our goal, of being competent, successful, happy intelligent humanoids. :)

When you are living your passion, and following your mission, you will find zeal, excitement and joy in the journey, however in order to keep the 'sparks' alive in your daily struggles you must

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lift where you Stand.

7 Basic Relationship needs

1-Safety (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual)
4- Respect

When we have relationships we are communicating 100% of the time, whether it may be verbal, or non verbal, we communicate. We cannot NOT communicate. Every motion, gesture, look, breath and reaction is a communication.

It is in relationships that we are starved that we have problems in our relationships.
How do we become starved? Negative Emotion, Mis-Communication, Hopelessness, all of these lead to a STARVED relationship.

How to FEED a relationship?
1-Character, show character in all you do.
2-Communication, Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
3-Cooperation, we can't always have everything we want, it needs to be fair in all we do.
4-Change, Change what doesn't work, and fix yourself(your the only one who can change) .

If you feel like your relationships are not fulfilling, then evaluate what is lacking, and make the change in yourself. It is our obligation to build one-another up, and to create harmony and acceptance in every relationship.
ONLY YOU can fix YOU. And when you fix the problems you own, You have the capacity to lift others.

Lift where you stand. In your; Work, Family, Marriage and Community.

Friday, October 14, 2011


If you had just purchased your dream vehicle, and saved , dreamed and finally gotten the keys. What if It had taken you over 5 years to save up for this dream vehicle?
What kind of service would you provide for its upkeep? Would you research the most optimum fuel, lubricants, and treatments. Would you pay a premium for fuel, even drive across town to get the kind of fuel you knew was superior for its performance?

I know I would!

It is my belief that we have the most sophisticated machines on the planet (our Human bodies) it has the capacity to rejuvenate, grow, change, adapt and compensate for issues.
And yet we grab whatever is most convenient and accessible to put into our fuel tanks. We use cheap, sub-par fuel every single day, and then get upset when our bodies fail us. We have aches, pains, shortness of breath, headaches and stress. Our bodies age and need a tune-up. So where do we turn? Do we evaluate the fuel we have been using to run our machines? Do we research and study where the optimal fuel sources are?

We fall short of caring for these the finest machine on the planet....it is irreplaceable, it is the most high-tech and sophisticated, So why do we sell our selves short, and not care for our MOST AMAZING machines?

What are the #1 Health issues across the USA today?

The most common reasons for Dr.'s visits are the following;

Breast & Various Cancers
Sleep Disorders

What contributes to these issues in our daily lives?

Our diet and the toxins we are exposed to daily.

What can we do about it?
Use a holistic approach to your health, use diet, whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and seek out supplements that are supportive of this same concept. Read the labels, learn what is natural, learn what is sustainable, what is beneficial to our bodies. And then seek it out.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feast your Mind

When you hear the saying "Feast your eyes" you know your going to get an artistic, or elaborate or even colorful event to witness, but what do you think of when it is Feast your MIND upon this!?

I have spent the last few days blissfully listening to a set of tele-seminars that are geared towards encouraging others and helping them to establish WHAT thier dream is and HOW powerful their mind, thoughts and words are.

I feel so privileged to be able to learn at the feet of such great men as Kevin Hall, Dave Blanchard, and Chad Hymas.

Beautiful, hard working, honest, encouraging men. I hope one day to be as full of hope and positiveness as they are.

Looking back on life, I have endured many things. One or the other trial has not made me into who I am.... it is a culmination of HOW I endure, and what i choose to put into my emotional bank account to draw on at a future date.

I have learned that we are all flawed beings on this earth, and although it may look like some people live a charmed life, It is foolish to think that WE are the only being suffering, or struggling.

How can YOU help to alleviate the suffering of another?
What can YOU offer to make someone else's day, life or outlook improved?

You can open a door, pick up litter, return your grocery cart, smile genuinely at a stranger, ask someone HOW they are doing, and then LISTEN to their response.

Rolanda Watts said, "We are not here to see through each other, we are here to See each other through."


I have never before been so happy with a company and its products than I am with XanGo.

I have met a group of like minded individuals whose greatest desire is to see others succeed. To build an enterprise based on building another persons' skills, confidence and abilities.
The desire to create a product that closely aligns with my beliefs, that a whole food is superior to pharmaceuticals. That using chemicals and additives (MSG etc) are not healthy for our bodies. The Dr.'s are drawn to holistic healing and Ayurvedic methods for a solution.

The flagship product is a juice made from Mangosteen juice the properties of this juice have been studied in over 50 medical journals and studies.
It is an anti-inflammatory and Xanthone rich qualities. (what are Xanthone's? I will share that another day)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today is "Do-Over" Day

If not you....Who?
If not This....What?
If not Now...when?
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

For your entire life you have mapped out your end results. Don't believe me? You have made the decision to be exactly where you are. Right now. Today. It was not the results of circumstance, it is not
an accident. It is a choice.

So if you choose where you are.

Why can't you choose to be somewhere different.

Because of belief, or fear.

The economy? Is this our excuse? Nobody has the money or can afford to be in business for themselves in this economy?

This economy is the perfect time to start your own business. You are not dependent on the companies stability, or the boss's whims. You are responsible for your results.

You alone are accountable . And you rely on your own wits, your own intelligence, and your own rewards.
You set your schedule and you are In charge.

So I ask you again...What are you waiting for?

If a diet program has worked for a group of people, and yet you did not apply each of it's components properly , can you blame the diet, or do you blame the lack of following the program?

If you have seen that thousands of people have followed a program with success making well over 6 figures a year, living rich, satisfying lives with time to develop additional hobbies, skills and interests, then can you dispute that it is possible for you to follow the same steps and achieve the same results?

A pattern is something we use when we know the end desired results and do not have the skills to achieve that result with out assistance.

So seek out the pattern for the END REUSLT you desire...take the time dig deep, study the greats, (whomever that may be to YOU) And follow the pattern that leads to the Goal YOU have set.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Sneak-Peak into ME)

Sharing a piece of me...

I have decided to take a leap, to make myself vulnerable, Seeking the results of growth and opportunity.

I have spent allot of time on introspection. Figuring out who I am, what MY mission is and how to spend my time.

I never want to give the impression that my family does not come first.

I choose to stay home, I Choose to devote my time to my husband, and my wonderful children. I have devoted 100% of the last 15 years to training and raising my children. I am far from done, however I am at a stage in life that allows me some flexibility and freedom.

My kids perform marvelously the tasks required to keep a homeschooling family afloat. We have a well run system of chores and personal development. If I gave you the list of skills my kids' have, you would think I was bragging. So I will save you from sounding arrogant. But I do have to say this, I have some pretty amazing kids!

I have honed, sifted, and dug into my heart to figure out what exactly makes me tick... Where do I feel most fulfilled? When I am doing this.....I feel fire, energy and happiness.

I truly feel like the unique calling I have is to be an encourager.

I enjoy lifting people up and building others up so that they may fulfill their life mission. By working to resolve obstacles I am able to help others create a road map to their goals. I would like to refer to it as Success Coaching.
The more I visualize this the more I am convinced that this is where my path lies.
I do it with my kids, I do it with my friends and neighbors, and I enjoy helping to find, research and obliterate obstacles!

One on One counseling to help you achieve your dream.

Group coaching to encouraging you to Dare to Dream!

Building a team with XanGo encouraging others who have been afraid to dream, grow and allow them to see their dreams re-born.

What do I plan to do to achieve this?
I offer my services to you. If you have areas you feel like your confused or hesitant, contact me. IF you feel like you have a niggling in the back of your mind with an idea, Bring it to me and we will work on it together.

It is my hope that as we work together, we can

The Lord wants each of us to achieve our potential, he wants us to take the talents he has given us and multiply them, For HIS Glory,
The best way to glorify Him is through living our personal mission.

Follow your heart and obey His law. This will lead to True Peace.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Musts in 15 Minutes

99% of our problems are SELF-INDUCED
Would you agree?

Here is a list of 5 Musts to make your personal business succeed, This applies to my personal business, but can be adapted to any business.

1- Consistency- Walk the Walk, Show the skills, example and priorities you want others to exhibit.

2- Be independent and Auto-sufficient, LEADERS don't need NANNIES!

3- Trust your business, even if its not working, when you follow the pattern of success you will find success! (If your not, then what step are you skipping?)

4-Never stop Prospecting (looking for new clients or customers)

5-Under promise and Over-deliver.
Do what you say. Keep your word.

Breath of Fresh Air.....

Pearls of Wisdom Sept 2011

I am overflowing with ideas, hope, and determination to see this project through. I am not the best at follow through when The project or idea is solely for me. However I am a WORK HORSE when it comes to seeing a project through for OTHERS!


I love to build others up, I enjoy the work, challenge and creativity it takes to conquer a challenge. Today I hone in and sharpen the saw, I zone into my personal mission, My purpose is to build others and encourage them to become all they are meant to be.

I will do this by sharing the knowledge I have gained and research for new opportunities for all around me.

When I have a colleague who's greatest desire is to become a chef, I will research the path and encourage them to take the first shaky steps towards this goal.

As I have a friend who strives to publish a book and support her family through this creative endeavor, I will read, seek and nudge her towards this end goal.

If I have a child who is languishing in fear, not knowing where they should go, and not understanding yet their divine mission. I will pray, search and investigate with this child until they find the mission they were sent her to fulfill.

Yesterday I made an appointment to meet with a successful business owner and restauranteur, I asked him for advice and guidance for yet another friend who has a dream to open a successful catering business and eventually a sit-down restaurant.

When we have ideas, or thoughts that come to us, especially in the early morning hours, or just as we are falling asleep, it is my belief that our Creator, Heavenly Father is whispering to our hearts where he has a desire for us to serve.

Each and every one of us has a Mission to Fulfill. The creator, God has smiled down upon us, and sprinkled us with gifts, desires, dreams and ideas that will lead us down the path to our true purpose.

And in all our missions, our purpose is to GLORIFY GOD. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, it is to bring Honor, Glory and Recognition to Him.

Regardless of the mission you feel led to fill.....You are made in His Image, and He has designed the perfect life for you.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 years, 6 Kids, and BURNOUT?

I have been Homeschooling for 8 years. and there are aspects of HS that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I love having my kids home, I love spending time with them, cooking with them, snuggling with them, watching them play.
I enjoy immense freedom being able to take off on road trips whenever I choose (We drove over 12,000 miles OTR last year!)

I love the fact that the few days a month Daddy is home (He works out of state)
We get to veg out and play as a family.

I love that my kids are innocent and kind, I love that they are respectful and loving, towards others inside the home or people who are not like us. They have learned how not to judge, and how to simply see someone different as just that....Different.

And now for what I do not like.

I am the disciplinarian. I am it. Daddy is out of town, and ALL responsibilities are left to me. Bills, School, Chores, Yard, Garden.... For a while we had 4 milking goats, 35 chickens, and a Jersey Cow. All of it was my responsibility.

It weighs allot.

So about 4 years ago I began searching for an answer. Something that could turn things around, a way to alter my universe. I have studied business, I have signed up for self improvement classes and watched countless webinars, I have immersed myself in the process of how to end this cycle.

One thing that made me so Very sad, was that MY CHILDREN are entering quickly into the world of self-reliance, they will be fighting the same daemons I currently battle, Debt, Employment, Security, and a career.

I feel VERY PASSIONATE that if you DO WHAT YOU LOVE... The Money will FOLLOW.

How many of you have this same concern or worry for their kids? Am I alone in this?
Just curious, thanks for giving me a platform to vent.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life or Death ?

AmeriCares/XanGo Press Release

August 25, 2011

AmeriCares and XANGO Partner to Deliver Aid for East Africa Famine

Nearly 13,000 starving people will receive critical nutrition
August 25, 2011

Stamford, CT – AmeriCares and leading global wellness company XANGO are working together to feed thousands of people suffering from the devastating famine in East Africa with the delivery of XANGO Meal Packs. The first of three shipments left XANGO's Utah warehouse today destined for Kenya, where it will be used to nourish Somali refugees receiving medical treatment at health clinics and therapeutic feeding centers.

"XANGO Meal Packs are an effective way to give supplemental feedings to malnourished patients," said AmeriCares Medical Director Dr. Frank Bia. "By simply adding water, you have a beneficial supplement that's easy to both prepare and use."

The XANGO Meal Packs were purchased by the company's global network of distributors and customers and donated to AmeriCares. Each serving is a high-calorie, vitamin-enriched powder that becomes a porridge when water is added. AmeriCares and XANGO are delivering enough Meal Packs to provide a supplemental daily feeding to nearly 13,000 children and adults for one month. XANGO and AmeriCares have partnered since 2009 to provide millions of nutritional supplements to people in need around the globe.

"Because of our distributors and their generous purchases of Meal Packs, we are in a position to work with our partners at AmeriCares to help alleviate suffering of children and families in this famine-stricken region," said XANGO Founder, Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. "Our hearts go out to those afflicted and we hope that our efforts can complement those of others in the world community to benefit, and even save, lives."

AmeriCares immediately began rushing medical aid to East Africa after the United Nations declared a famine in parts of Somalia in July. AmeriCares first aid shipment contained enough basic medicines and supplies to treat 15,000 severely malnourished patients in Mogadishu.

AmeriCares has been aiding survivors of natural disasters, political conflict and extreme poverty in Africa and around the world for nearly 30 years, saving lives and restoring health and hope.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A new day...

I have felt on top of my game. I have gotten so much accomplished today!

While listening to General Conference

I had devotionals with the kids'

I made granola for the family (2 batches)
I made Empanadas (although I should have skipped them, too fattening!)
I cleaned house
I rearranged furniture
I got blisters on my feet from using the treadmill barefoot
and I created some documents for a good friends business

I feel like a winner today.

Sorry for the annoying brag session, but I do feel like I have crept out of a hole and am seeing the light. I have not been this productive in a few weeks. I have felt dragged down by not knowing where i wanted to go...and This newfound opportunity has created such POWER and DRIVE!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The rest.....

Grati-Tuesday....I have SO MUCH to be grateful for....I don't even know where to begin. Healthy & Happy kids, a beautiful Home, a Husband who adores me, Food aplenty, opportunities for growth, mentors and friends who encourage and nudge me towards my personal goals...lush green landscape, air conditioner that keeps us chilled, my mind, my body and my spirit.

And yet 22,000 people died while I was sleeping comfortably in my bed.

It is tragic. Heartbreaking and unnecessary. You and I live abundant lifestyles...we are one of the 2% of the worlds population living with clean water, food daily, safe shelter, we are protected and safe.

Have I Done any good in the world today?

This is my life theme....

I am SO BLESSED, even when I list all the things I want in life, I know that I live in wealth, I have access to health care, nutrition and safety. I do not fear for my life, nor the lives of my children and posterity.

We live in abundance....even if I complain that I was not able to buy a new 'this-n-that'

I AM wealthy.

When my husband returns home from work, we take an impromptu outing, we dine-out, we shop, we relax and see a movie. The average spent on our date night is between $30-$150. That is twice per month with a spending of $60-$300 PER MONTH. I am WEALTHY.

Did you see in the news? 22,000 deaths today.

I may gripe that I can not buy a new camera, or take another vacation, I may grumble when an appliance breaks down, or when a car needs repair...


I have enough to provide for my children the necessites of life...


I am so deeply grateful for all I have.

So back to the news...Did you see the news, did you see that 22,000 died while we were sleeping? no.

Watch this video and you will see what happened.


Monday, August 01, 2011

Dreams...Plans who are we meant to be?

For years as I have studied personal development I have struggled. I dream big. HUGE. and I know it. Most would say that is all I am...a dreamer.

But I can feel it deep inside, there is more...much much more.

When we sit down to make plans, and create a dream board, some of the items on the board are



International relationships...through business as well as adoption.

Nice cars

Relaxing locales , gardens, beach, wooded paths, mountain cabins.

All of these things I visualize, I see what I want and i can feel myself in this environment.

But now came the downside. How or What was I willing to do to get here, what was i capable of providing or executing to obtain the necessary capital.

and here is where I drew a blank.

I knew if I could find the RIGHT VEHICLE...my dream would be possible.

I am not a Computer guru, nor am I the BEST at photography, Sales, Investing, etc.. etc... So here is where I was stumped. I KNEW what I wanted to do...but was usually laughed right out of meetings where I shared this.

I want to be a Philanthropist. That is it.
Secret is out.

I want my only worry to be, how to share and give, and ways I can lighten the load of my fellow man.


its off my chest. the cat is out of the bag and you know my deepest desire.

and now the laughing starts.

I know ...I know...How will I find the resources to give....if I am not independently (filthy,stinking ) wealthy?!

I have found my Vehicle.

I have found the team of encouraging, like minded individuals of which I desire to associate with. I have found where I can share my inner desire and not be laughed right out of the room!

I have found it.

And now you ask....how.

(To be Continued.....)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hi There, How are ya? It's been a long while

Since returning home from my trip to Santiago, I have been working hard, making plans evaluating goals, and spending time with my kids.

I am formulating a plan, and need input from others...

I am writing a schedule out for presenting classes for Women's Health. So please share with me a few things.

What are you #1 concerns for your health. What is the most frequent complaint you have and What would you like help answering questions about? Some ideas...but please share with me what YOUR concerns are....

Restful Sleep

And if you had a class local to you... How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Finally how frequently would you attend these classes?

you can share with me your answers via Facebook or Email....Talk to you soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th 2011

I am making the rounds of good byes today. I do not like this, everyone asks me how soon I will return. I feel drawn to these people, I feel like they are forgotten in the marketing of societies who are deprived. How often do you hear of the suffering on the Dominican? Not often I would guess...These people are resourceful, hardworking and dedicated . They have a beautiful tradition, and they take pride in their heritage.

Yet they suffer. The medical skills and supplies mirror what we would have had in 1930. They don't despair and they don't look for a handout.

True Story.

Today as Lisa & I were the only student midwives on the floor,we got a call, the message was we were to meet someone (we didn't know who) in Oncology. at 10 a.m.
I asked my dear friend Rosanny to show us how to get to Oncology. She took us at quarter to Ten and walked us down the stairs, out the door and across the parking lot of the hospital. We were puzzled as to why we were being called there, but went with Rosanny.

No one called out to us, and since we didn't know who we were looking for (or rather who was looking for us) we slowly walked, smiling and waiting for Whoever it was to hail us.

We walked back to the OB dept befuddled at what to do next, when I noticed a sign that said "Oncology" right next door to the OB ward.

We entered into this section and right away recognized 2 Doctors, One was Dra. Soble. She was smiling and waving to us (so we assumed that meant she was the one anticipating us)
She took us on a tour, and used another Dr. to interpret for us. She was showing us all her facilities and then introduced us to the panel of all the specialists in the Dept.
Once she introduced us to all of the Dr's involved in the pain management and GYN-Oncology department, she asked if we thought we could get some supplies, much needed supplies for her department. My reply was, we would love to see a list to know what was needed and we would be honored to attempt at getting items on that list donated to the hospital. (In my mind I was non committal as I wasn't sure how extensive this list was going to be, and how expensive the items would be)

Later that afternoon we received their list:

2 Sphygnomoters
2 Stethoscopes
Prosthetic's (for mastectomy patients)

We were able to deliver the Blood-pressure cuffs the next day.
Along with 2 Stethoscopes.

I am working on resources for the Prosthetic's and wigs (if you have suggestions send them my way)

What an overwhelming list.

I was pained a little knowing that they lack basic supplies when our US hospitals THROW AWAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in supplies EVERY YEAR!!!!

I left a piece of my heart in the DR. Something I NEVER anticipated happening.

I dream, scheme and plan to be there again.....


as soon as possible.
With supplies and gifts.

With scalpels
With Chux pads
With Sheets
With CLOROX wipes
With baby Diapers
With Baby blankets
With baby hats
With Onesies
With Emergen-C
Bottled Water

With everything I can give....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th 2011

On Monday May 16th a tiny baby girl was born at 9:25 a.m. to Maria Danielle a beautiful soft spoken Haitian woman.
This woman had a C-section for Toxemia and Anemia. She was also diagnosed with HELLPS .

I made it a personal goal to get that baby some momma's milk. it took me 3 days. Baby latched on beautifully and momma was thrilled to meet her baby girl.

after the victory of getting baby to nurse, Maria went downhill, she had gotten so ill, she was feverish and had to be hooked up to dialysis, she had several transfusions of blood and was struggling along.

She has not passed any fluids as of today, no urine and looks puffy and yellow.

I put out a plea to my FB family to please pray for her, she is such a sweet momma.

I am so sad to leave, and I worry about Maria, I worry that she never makes it home to her new baby. I worry that when she gets home, she will not have Milk to nurse, I worry that she will not have the money for formula. I worry ....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18th 2011

May Thursday 18th 2011

We have not been invited to attend births or catch any babies since the initial drama with the "dystocia"

I figured if I was not going to have the chance to catch, (as I was not willing to PUSH myself on the Dr's) then I could spend time in the Nursery, learning how they do their newborn exams, as well as share the Midwifery Model of care in Newborn assessment.

I chummed up to the staff, and really had to work my charm to get them to warm up to me.

With granola bars, flower pens, notebooks, and other goodies...eventually they warmed to me.

We brought with our donations a big pile of surgical rags, I started putting a blue cloth in each isolette that was prepped for a delivery.

When a woman was ready to push, the OB would shout to the Nursery staff "COMPLETO!!" "PEDIATRICS!!" and the staff would then rush into the room with the prepped isolette.

I would nudge my way into the crowd, and stand at the mom's knee, as baby was delivered, I would ask them to delay cord clamping/cutting and place baby on mom's chest, as I wiped baby down and stimulated baby with the blue surgi-cloth.

Once baby was pink I vigorously crying or alert, I would gently transfer baby to the isolette and continue cleaning off baby as we transfered to the nursery. The staff eventually allowed me to take over in the newborn care, I not only administered the required meds and eye drops, but also did a complete evaluation, the staff would then stand over my shoulder and ask me what I was doing, I showed them the reflexes, the hip check, the placement of ears, nose and the passage of each nostril and baby 's suck reflex. They were interested in what I was doing and seemed willing to learn.

We made a great team. And really enjoyed each other's company.
(The granola bars and dum-dum suckers helped)
They asked me about my family, my religion and why I was there. They were very receptive and thrilled to know that we were not assuming superior care, and that we had a respect and admiration for their culture and their skills.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th 2011

(Happy Birthday Allie!)

May 16th 2011
Since Roxanna was late arriving, Heather was flustered with her feeling inadequate in being able to communicate.

We arrived at the Hospital as scheduled to meet with Victor Espenalda, The director of OB/GYN dept. we waited in a luxurious lounge area, with Wi-Fi and a spread of food. We were treated respectfully and kind.

3 hours later we were informed that Victor was in a classroom , as he is an instructor and was unavailable to meet with us.

We were then led to the OB ward and given a quick tour/orientation.

I was under the impression that all the back ground work had been done previously and we were expected. This was not so.

We donned our sterile attire (hat and mask) and met some of the staff of the OB ward. one Energetic Nurse was thrilled with our attendance and invited us right away into a surgery. It was a prolapsed uterus and bladder. The woman lay flat with her arms stretched out beside her, wide awake with a spinal block. she flinched and grimaced occasionally and it seemed she felt some of what was happening. The scalpel was dull, and the procedure was gruesome. Although it was amazing being able to watch and learn, (anatomy at least) it was rough to endure the over 4 hour procedure.

We next were called into our first C-section.

within a few hours time we were in full swing. Heather was invited to attend/catch the first vaginal birth we were present for. Dr. Rico Suave (not his real name) was gracious and kind, he showed how they manually dilate these women, they get to about 8cm and then routinely receive manual dilation for the remaining.

The woman was on the delivery table, in stirrups, and told to push push push... regardless of contractions.

As Heather followed what she was instructed to do, she mentioned to Terri & I as baby was crowning, that this was a sticky baby, and it was going to be a dystocia, she just felt it... baby's head presented and mom pushed (although ineffectively) Dr. Suave started to manually tug and pull on baby to aid in the delivery of the body... Heather hip-checked him and Terri applied Super-Pubic pressure, Heather then called out forcefully for us to flip mom to Gaskin ... (hands and knees) This mom had no clue what we were doing, at this point we had an audience of over 20 students watching.... Terri & I were able to flip mom to hands and knees after a few troublesome moments of trying to get her to understand what we intended...Mom was like a floppy fish, she turned half way, and collapsed on her side, then we picked her up and got her into a good position, baby came out with minor shoulder corkscrew and some pushing. baby was limp and pale.

I followed baby to the nursery, where the protocol was as this:
Baby is delivered, cord cut immediately, baby is passed onto the pediatrics staff and wheeled in an isolette into the nursery (down a short hallway) here they put a heat lamp (similar to a chicken light) on baby and start stimulating and cleaning baby off. They use paper towels and wipe off fluids and vernix...Once baby is breathing and or crying, they run an In-G tube down one nostril and syringe out the contents of the stomach. Then then syringe the other nostril and suction out the contents of the stomach. They check baby over, weigh, measure, administer VIT K and Eye Drops. at this point usually 30 min have passed and baby is chilled.

Before we arrived they put baby in the bed with diaper and nothing else. They often ran out diapers before the supplies were replenished.

We brought with us a plethora of supplies, sadly these supplies would not last more than a month, if they were lucky. This hospital attends over 35 births every month.

The mothers/families are responsible for bringing all their own supplies, Blankets, diapers, formula, sheets for their own beds, even water to drink postpartum.
May 17th 2011

I want to explain a little about how the women birth here in the DR. Some of these women travel by bus for long distances. Some arrive in active labor after 4 hrs on a bus.

The woman checks into the ER and is evaluated on whether she is in active labor, right away they receive an IV,and wait in the general waiting room with 20-30 other patients with various issues.

Once they are engaged in labor, the ER department wheels them into the delivery area (up the elevator) here they are assigned a bed, with no sheets in a room open with no privacy and quiet. This is a teaching hospital, so on average 30 students wander through on rotations twice a day.

the women are told to lay flat, and quiet, not to disturb the residents ad Dr.'s most of the time they whimper quietly and labor silently. occasionally we got a moaned/vocal woman, this woman was usually accosted and encouraged to labor quietly by having her thigh thumped and told "Madame!!" The vaginal checks were.... vigorous.... some Dr.'s were more aggressive than others, but most of them gloved, and checked a woman without warning or consent.

If she was at 8 cm or more, at her bedside they began manual dilation, she was told (loudly) to push push push, as the DR stretched her and pulled and gave her grief over being too loud. If the woman attempted to swat away the DR's hand or beg for them to stop, the Dr's got upset and yelled at the woman.

Once the woman was "Completo" they had her stand up, transfer herself to a wheel chair, and got wheeled into the delivery room.

Here she is told to climb onto a table that is waist high, with no help, other than the brakes were engaged on the wheelchair occasionally.

After the woman in active labor has positioned themselves on the delivery table, in stirrup with nothing but a black trash bag under them . once again the DR's used forceful manual dilation.

I explained yesterday how they handle the delivery of the baby, and the process for taking care of baby after.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15th 2011

Sunday may 15th 2011

Today we woke groggy and cranky, not sleeping more than 2 hrs from all the partying in the streets was pretty rough on the 4 of us.

We had an apt. to be picked up at 8 am at the hotel for a rural clinic.
Dr. Victor Espenalda graciously picked us up, and carted us around for the day.... we met a group of physicians at the Hospital who were volunteering their Sunday to offer services to the rural village of La Esparilda.

We met Jose, Victor, His beautiful wife and their 3 year old son. Jose had a young son of about 21 who was also spending the day with us, luckily for us, Carlos spoke great English!! he was our translator by default for the remainder of the day.

We drove in a very nice Isuzu Trooper through the winding roads and villages on our way to the rural clinic.

When we finally arrived after about 2 hrs passing by banana plantations, rice fields, scrawny cows, and run down adobe homes... we found an unusual number of people crowded together under the trees, when we came to a stop, we asked "what are all these people here for? assuming it was a Sunday service or party....when our car came to a stop, we realized the throngs of people were waiting for us.

Over 75 people were waiting to be seen by the visiting physicians. The women of these villages had walked, drove and sacrificed to arrive at the school house with no water and no power. They had assembled exam rooms by hanging sheets from wires with clothes pins. offering privacy. they had one sheet per bed, and one drape for all of the patients.

They each got a number, and waited in the hot sun for hours for their number to be called.

They were seen by a physician, sent behind the curtain, given a pap smear and exam, the speculum were the same we use here in the US, however they take a glass slide, and use one slide for both tests. then they take that slide, wrap it up into a paper with all that individuals information and stack them with all the other 75 pap slides waiting to be taken back to the hospital for processing.

Then if they had complaints they received free prescription drugs.

These people were happy to have this service provided and were cheerful and happy to wait.

after we saw the 75+ women (as this was exclusively for womens care)
Sometime in the afternoon we were offered fresh fruit cut up and in styro containers.
Then in the later afternoon (we were starving) we were served DR cuisine, something like a corn meal ball with raisins and corn inside. Fried chicken, plantain and more fresh fruit.

We were invited to a beach, Puerto Plata with the physicians, we drove another 35 min to a beautiful, obviously LOCAL beach.... we were without a doubt the main attraction... the only White people around and being 4 White women we stood out like sore thumbs!!

We swam and enjoyed the Caribbean waters, the crazy traditions of these people, they drink pretty much non stop, and the boats are chartered for short trips into deeper water.

The drivers of these boats (sometimes they looked 14 years old) were SCAREY!!!

They almost ran over an elderly gentleman at one point, and were obstinate and rude when folks started shouting at them!

A group of rowdy 15-17 year old boys started gathering around the 3 ladies,Terri, Eve and Tracy, Tracy had enough and got out of the water, Poor Terri & eve were surrounded and being harassed, Carlos and I were a yard or so away chuckling at the torment, finally it escalated to the point they were uncomfortable and they called out to Carlos to come save them. He told the boys to scat....

We swam for a few minutes longer and were done, tired and hot we prepared to drive home.

Jose our host and Carlos his son were amazing, kind, honest, open and very generous, they stopped for us and helped us buy fresh fruit from the stand. Papaya, mango, Pineapple, Oranges, bananas,cantelope and a watermelon . It was a mighty good thing we stopped for this, as that is what we ate for the next 3 days.

We arrived back at our hotel around 6 pm, Maria, Lisa and Heather had arrived safely, although they had been delayed had been bumped on their flights, as they had stand by tickets, and were not to arrive for another 18 hrs.

We had a pow-wow and got some orientation on what to anticipate on the next day.

We were grilled that "when in Rome.... Do as the Romans do" and we retired to bed ready for
the challenge of a new day.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14th 2011

May 15th 2011

I packed up my belonging,s including two HUGE 50 lb totes for donations to the hospital. I was so blessed by the generous giving of others. It was jam packed!!

I checked into the airport, and the attendant was no encouraging, he told me I missed the best flight of the weekend, and it was unlikely I would make it to my destination by Monday...


I happily waited, made calls to my kids, and ensured everyone was doing what they should.

I made the first flight and got off in Dallas. DFW is a HUGE airport, it takes allot of maneuvering to get from one portal to the next. I had my backpack with my personal belongings as well as the laptop, so that all I valued in my luggage stayed with me...

It was allot of sacrifice and saving up for this trip, and a few details really bogged me down.
one: I had to leave a day before originally planned because of flight loads.
two: the signatures I was originally anticipating were in Limbo of NARM rules.
three: the night before I left I spoke to a relative who had spent 2 weeks in Haiti, and some of the information she gave me left me discouraged and anticipating troubles.

This was my first trip alone, and my first trip out of the country (besides a cruise, and in my opinion those don't count!)

There were allot of unknowns... and I was a wee bit nervous!

After I arrived in DFW I waited for 2 hrs and got a seat assignment. the Discouraging words of the original gate agent were now being disproved!

In Miami I had a longer wait, there was a BIG group of youth with matching Tee shirts that said "Orphanage Outreach" I spoke to a few of them and heard all about the program they were attending, they were to teach and help at an Orphanage in DR for 2 weeks. They were all from Canada and were fresh faced and sweet girls.

I shared my desires to adopt with one Older Youth leader, she had received a Grant to attend the Program at Orphanage Outreach, her college took applications and offered an all expense paid summer (3 months) to work at this Orphanage!

After Miami's flight (which I got a seat on the first available and last flight of the night)

I was feeling very blessed!

I arrived in Santiago, made my way through customs and got my bags. They Customs officer wanted to see in the donations bins, and they were curious about the 75 ambu-bags in the box! it was tough to explain with no Spanish skills!!

I successfully made it through the process GOT my first PASSPORT STAMP!!

This was the frustrating part, I didn't have international calling on my Verizon Phone... It was 3$ per minute for calls, so i turned off the calling option.

However this left me at the mercy of the late night Taxi drivers to communicate where I wanted to go and how much I was wiling to pay!


I finally agreed to Hi-Way robbery of 20$ for a cab ride (when we were informed of the last group paid $10) The only taxi driver that spoke minimal English communicated with all the other options of transportation, so no matter who I used the price was the same...

It was a 15 drive to the Hotel Matum, The place was first class and the staff extremely kind and helpful!

I met Tracy Cuneo on the first night I arrived, we visited and settled in for a bit when Eve & Terri arrived from Canada.

It was delightful to meet these ladies, and we bonded and meshed immediately as a group.

We went to sleep in a cool comfortable bed.

Then the FIESTA'S began!!

From midnight until 5 a.m. the party went on in the parking lot and the street market below our window. it was a grand event! the radios and laughter were loud enough and long enough we didn't get a wink of sleep! UNTIL 5!

then the alarm went off at 7 am......

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Back bends

Back bend contest between Rubi & Zeke, Zeke Won!
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prov·i·dent (prv-dnt, -dnt) adj. 1. Providing for future needs or events. 2. Frugal; economical.

Being Provident, or Prudent: pru·dent/ˈpro͞odnt/
Adjective: Acting with or showing care and thought for the future

In our culture of obedience and preparing for a time of lack, or famine. We are asked to prepare, prepare every needful thing. In my opinion it is not the issue if it saves money or saves time to be prudent. it is preparing for the future.

If I practice baking bread and throw out 1700 loaves in the interim, I am still being prudent. I am learning HOW to prepare a meal for my family... in the future....

If I spend hours and hours now... in the garden and i am only successful at harvesting cucumbers... I am being prudent. I am learning what DOES NOT work as well as what DOES work!

If I spend 45 min making one batch of tortillas when the store bought tortillas are far superior and cheaper... I am being prudent.

yes being FRUGAL is different!

(Frugality is the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer term goal.[1])

Being frugal is know what things cost, and when to purchase something since its a great deal, or when to make it at home cheaper.

I can make a whole-wheat tortilla at home with fresh ingredients and no preservatives.
Eating healthy is far more important to me than saving money. I will spend hours in the kitchen or garden to serve my family superior meals.

If this is not your motivation.. (it should be...snicker, just teasing!) then evaluate, WHAT is your motivation? If making things at home are tedious and irritating, then decide where your time is better spent.

When my family lived on $900 per month for 4 kids and 2 adults, I had one thing in abundance... TIME I could spend time baking, creating, cooking, as that is all I had the resources to do. I did not have gas money, or money for anything extra, but I did have an excess of time... so I baked, I learned a whole heck-uva lot during this time. I read allot of library books and dreamed of better days.

Now that we have enough money to cover our family expenses I find I have more errands to run...

Coincidence... I think not...

The more money you manage the more time it takes...

So think twice before you dismiss learning a skill. Even if it does not save you money...maybe it is a skill you need to be familiar with in the event that you have no other option than to prepare every needful thing from the stores in your home.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sharing conference together

Watching conference as a family...crowded together around the 15" screen ;) feeling SO blessed!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have been moved to tears many times this week, sometimes it is adoration and LOVE for my family.

Sometimes it is the Love I feel from my Savior, and today it was a bit of confusion and frustration.

I know what i am to do with my life.
I understand my callings. I am COMPLETELY willing to accomplish these tasks, and to grow and learn, sacrifice and achieve. Some days I just don't even know where to start. Or what is the next step to take?

I only have some many resources, one issue is I have a Suburban, (Which I appreciate) that i drive to the clinic once a week, eventually twice a week, at 8 mpg. It saddens me that I waste a resource as precious as gas....
I would love to have a diesel (veggie-Car) I paid my fees for a clinical trip to Dominican Republic, I applied, paid and I am waiting back to hear if I have been accepted to attend.

Then the research for adoption continues, just as I feel like I have solidified my decision, and we are ready to move forward, I hit a brick wall. Something like signing a statement of Faith.... (Do I believe in the Holy Catholic church?)


I have only had luck getting ONE agency to return my calls..... is it Because we have a large family?
I just don't know. So I want to put it back on the shelf. cry a few times a year over the feelings that I am disappointing my Father in Heaven, in not accepting more children into our family.

I feel like I am letting Him down....

and I'm not getting any younger.....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Trainings, Education, Work, Sacrifice.

I have once again made my list of tasks and goals.... and I am running everyday to accomplish this list.

Schooling, Kids and myself.
Helping Neighbors and Friends

I have crashed into bed 3 days this week thinking I couldn't get any more exhausted. and I am loving it.
I appreciate the Midwives group in KC for allowing me to learn and grow in the clinic.
Someday I will start my intellectual writings of what I have learned, for now.... I just keep my eyes, ears and mind open and keep running!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Living, Loving and moving right along...

If I can survive 4 teenagers, I can survive anything right? I ADORE my daughters, but its just not fair they have to grow up. (well, for that matter, my sons too)

But These sweet, innocent faces are... morphing... into adults....and it stinks.

I pray everyday that we can maintain a loving relationship through this challenge.

Just keep praying

just keep praying

Just keep praying

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My beautiful family

(PS I get the mother of the Year award: In the chaos of taking pictures of each of the kids.... I forgot a kid..... )

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bears repeating (some of us are slow learners)

Have you ever found a resource, that is so effective in teaching you something that you return to it on a regular basis?
Maybe it is a scripture story, or a Hymn, or Possibly somewhere in Nature that reminds you that you are a creature of the Mighty Lord, and His will is vibrating in everything around you.
I found a Audio Recording that (in my opinion) has saved my Marriage, repeatedly, I guess this means I am a slow learner and a quick at being forgetful.

It is called "For all Eternity" by Dr. Lund. I have bought copies of this for numerous friends, newlyweds that don't realize they need it, and family members that are seasoned in their marriage. It never ceases to improve on the relationships when they listen to it.

I have since found something that has helped me with my children, Obedience, temperament, Forgiveness, Willing to work, This resource has helped me with all of these. (thus the consequence is Cleaner home, happier children, more time to play and have fun)

I will share with you my notes on listening to this CD as well as a duplicate Post from earlier this summer. the title to that was "Lessons on Parenting I learned from the scriptures"

Earlier From my Blog:

Scripture study on Teaching our children

Who are we? Deut. 14: 1
Ye are the children of the Lord your God:
Ps. 82: 6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
Rom. 8: 16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

What should we be doing?
1 Tim. 3: 4 One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
Definition of : subjection a : to bring under control or dominion : subjugate b : to make (as oneself) amenable to the discipline and control of a superior
Definition of : Gravity a : dignity or sobriety of bearing b : importance, significance; especially : seriousness c : a serious situation or problem

What our households should look like
1 Tim. 5: 4 But if any widow have children or nephews, let them learn first to shew piety at home, and to requite their parents: for that is good and acceptable before God.
Definition of PIETY: a: fidelity to natural obligations (as to parents) b : dutifulness in religion : devoutness
Definitions of requite: to make suitable return to for a benefit or service
This means our CHILDREN serve,HONOR, OBEY and work for us, as a return for the service we rendered to them as infants, I point out to my kids, how much we Do FOR the baby, and how much attention, affection and all needs are met by ME. in return he is required to return that service.

What we do when we love our Father in Heaven
1 Jn. 5: 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.

After reading and explaining these scriptures we have come to understand better our roles as Heavenly Fathers children, we understand he expects us as Parents to Love the children (easy…right?) he expects us to guide them teach them to respect us, teach them to anticipate the return of service, you can decipher that to mean whatever you would like but

The way I see it: If you are grateful for a service rendered, you will reciprocate that service, you will have a desire to improve the lives of those around you in any way you are capable, including but not limited to, obeying, cheerfully doing your obligations , seeking out opportunities to please those that have served you.

Imagine your children learning this principle, and applying it through their entire lives: as an employee, or student, neighbor, friend, they show their gratitude for employment or the time of a teacher who engages the in studies by :following through with their studies, or doing a job well, and then seeking out additional ways to exemplify this principal, going the extra mile. Imagine how much farther our kids will progress if they could master this skill.

We applied this principal in our studies to our family environment, as the Mommy I agree and commit to being loving, kind and nurturing the children, in return the children agree to serve, respect and obey the Mommy.

If you wonder how those with large families can cope and manage, it is by applying this principal, by leaving the duties to Mom which are divinely ordained and allowing her to embody the Christ-Like love towards her children, she is not worn thin by doing too much, and she is fulfilled by being served.

DANI JOHNSON: Grooming the Next Generation for Success.

The Steps to success are starting with the spirit of understanding, when we explain to our children the reasons for our restrictions or rules, we are not compelling them, we are helping them to remain safe.
So if they resist they are not understanding the role of the child.

They need to know:
1-God Loves them, He wants them to succeed, accepts them the way they are, and is preparing them for something GREAT.

2-God Loves them

3-Through Christ All things are possible.

4-Teach them the Word. (as you do an amazing job with!)

5- Have them serve reach out to the less needy.

6- Teach them to Pray (this alleviates the need for them to repeatably come to you to solve every problem!)
7-Teach them to avoid Idolatry

When they use ANY, TONE, WORD OR Gesture of dishonor Correct with This:
"Would you like a chance to correct that ____, or do you need discipline?"

For children UNDER 12 it is 3 spats on the rear, (if they argue the number increases) for those over 12 it is losing a privilege or gaining a chore.
*BY explaining to them the reason they need to be corrected is so because their future professor, commander, wife, teacher, boss etc.... WILL NOT tolerate dishonor .

They will simply FAIL, (By losing their job, or being demoted, or failing their coursework, or WORSE: damaging the eternal relationship in marriage. )

I think THIS IS where we fail, instead of Swiftly following through with a pre-determined punishment we negotiate, listen to argue with them.... delaying and in effect displacing the connection to their behavior, instead they only remember OUR reactions not THEIR Actions.

Words or phrases Comments, Gestures etc that = DISHONOR

"I know" (it sows seeds of pride, and teaches the kids that speaking rudely to you is acceptable)
"Ok OK!"
"I am busy I will get to it later"

Even when our Children are LITTLE we allow this behavior, we ALLOW them to talk back (when they are 3 and easy to correct we think they are innocent and don't know better... DUH so LET US CORRECT THEM So they WILL KNOW better!!!!)

My kids are allowed one of two responses when corrected, or asked to do something
either "Yes Ma'm!" (with a smile and eye contact)
or "Sure thing MOM!" again with the proper attitude, voice and actions. NO eye rolling, they must make EYE Contact when I am addressing them.
Start FAST & Finish!

So you say the "Would you like a chance to correct that ____, or do you need discipline?"

And if they argue, you say "that is deliberate disobedience, and that means I am forced to discipline you" (EXECUTE Discipline)

Another thing I hear or see, is Children speaking to other children with disrespect, whether older, younger or whatever this is NOT ACCEPTABLE behavior!!

We should speak respectful to ALL, but especially anyone older than us (I say to my kids, the fact they have graced this Earth longer than you, even if by a breath, you owe them honor and respect as you CAN learn something from everyone!)
So if your toddler speaks rudely to the baby sitter, or to an older child, correct them!
ask them "was that showing Honor to ____" If no... Lets try that again, and I give them a dialogue to mimic, "I am sorry, can I please borrow that..." or whatever the situation is appropriate.

Unteachable Heart.
By allowing them to cultivate unteachable hearts (by not having pre-determined consequences that are consistent) We are setting them up for failure.

Do all things with Excellence and good attitude. WHY? When we are called by GOD to follow him, are we blessed when we fight, argue and whine the entire time we obey (or drag our feet to obey? NO!)

These are the Scriptural words:


When they have an argument and they bring it to you, you ask them WHAT THEY HAVE DONE to breed contention, not what the sibling has done to them! "What did YOU do to provoke this?"

Then you work on them forgiving and being loving towards the sinner. (as we all take our turn being the sinner)

When we choose to be forgiving, we plant the seed of LOVE and Peace. When we hold grudges against our siblings, jealously, hate, envy and discord are sowed. WHO IS THE AUTHOR?

Attitude is EVERYTHING

THESS 5:11
5Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.

Why are we here, What is the role of the parent? Our role is to support them to succeed.

Proverbs 22:3
3A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished
Prudent=Adjective: Acting with or showing care and thought for the future.
SIMPLE=unlearned; ignorant.

There were a few passages in PROVERBS 29 I suggest you read the entire chapter and decide which you think they need to hear.

6 : In the transgression of an evil man there is a snare: but the righteous doth sing and rejoice.
15The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.
17Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.
18Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he

A child left to himself is a shame to his mother. I explain it to my kids this way
"IF I do not correct you, and I ALLOW you to be rude, or slothful, or disobedient, I am disobeying the LORD. I am held accountable to HIM, and I am sorry if it makes things harder for you at the present, but I fear GODS eternal wrath, not your temporary tantrum"
Proverbs 13
*He who does not discipline his children hates them.*
Step one:
Point out the rule and the consequence
STEP two:
Make it a natural thing to follow through with the consequence (no arguing etc)
Step 3:
If they argue that falls under DELIBERATE Disobedience> which breeds contempt and it is an automatic punishment, no chance for second correction.
"Would you like to Choose obedience, or would you like to Choose Discipline?"

43aReproving betimes with (b)sharpness, when (c)moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of (d)love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy;

Spankings warn attitude
After they have been disciplined; it is time for the asking of forgiveness and repentance to begin, as our Father would, we wrap our arms around them, and let them know we want them to succeed, we want them to achieve their life Mission. We share our love and future hope for them.

Do we GLORIFY GOD in our actions in our house?

Do our chores reflect HONOR to what he has graciously provided?
Does our HAIR, CLOTHES, School work, yard etc... show what type of stewrd we are? If we are given small things (HAIR, CLOTHES, School work, yard etc) to prove our worthiness for bigger things, are we passing the test? Do we show how well we can take care of little (annoying) things, if for nothing else but to prove we are worthy to take care of GREAT things!

Proverbs 22:3
3A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished
Are we simpletons? are we ignorant, slothful servants, who do not care for our Lord's Vineyard?

this is as far as my notes go.

I have only taken notes on the first 2 CD's

Good luck!

Write out the two categories:

and make the consequence (simple, swift and something your willing to do 25 times a day for 3 days :)