Wednesday, August 01, 2012

World's Ugliest Cake

Baked by My lovely daughter. OK I know it may sound rude to say it, but this cake was ugly.

Really ugly.

As ugly as ALL the cakes i have attempted to make..... but you want to know the most beautiful thing about this cake?
Gracie. Yep she is the most beautiful part of this cake, let me explain.

Gracie turned 12 this past week, she and I had a great fun afternoon of shopping and one-on-one time, I let her choose the shops, and her gifts, you would think that a 12 year old girl would beg for clothes, jewelry, make-up etc.....

Not this one.

She is a gem.

She wanted only one thing for her birthday, supplies to bake.

So we bought cookie cutters, and measuring cups, spoons, Cupcake papers, decorations, sprinkles, recipe books, magazines, and ingredients. We bought it all. and then for HER birthday she baked us cupcakes, and every day since she has been learning new recipes, and teaching herself how to frost, how to get a layered cake to release from the pan......that is the lesson for today.

How to get the cake to come out of the pan in one piece.

and so we ate the ugliest cake. It was also by the way the most moist, fluffy, scrumptious cake i have ever eaten. and yes, I ate a sugar laden baked treat. (by the way the only fake sugar in it was the frosting, everything else was a natural sugar)

but a mom's got to do the tough jobs, and tasting this cake was a real sacrifice. It. was. amazing. Ugly, but amazing!