Friday, April 06, 2012

A generous offer!

In my effort to spread the word on the Pennies for Peter campaign, I got creative :)

I thought of ALL the folks who I know understand the power of referral marketing.

I wrote a letter to some of these contacts and got a lovely response today from on

e.Life Manifestos

I bought a copy of their Family Manifesto in December for my Christmas Present to myself.

I absolutely love it. It takes all the elements of being a family each phrase, word and meaning and put it all together in a beautiful eye catching piece of art.

I took a photo of the framed poster to show of course, the glare from my camera and the angle I had to shoot it do not do it full-justice.

But you can at least get an idea.

The owner & creator of life Manifestos, Stephen Palmer, has offered MORE than I asked for.
he has offered to DONATE $2 of EVERY sale of their YET-To-Be-Released "Leave a Legacy" Manifesto.

if you go to their webpage, and sign up for the newsletter, YOU WILL BE FIRST TO HEAR about this AMAZING, GENEROUS Offer, for a LIMITED TIME.(48 hour time-limited offer)

So first step is to JOIN their mailing list! (which is FULL of uplifting stories, quotes and other helpful advice) and watch for the announcement of which dates and times we will be Favored with their offer.

This is a HUGE deal, this company is BRAND NEW and are not making a huge profit (yet) and the fact they are willing to GIVE to Peter is an HONOR.


It is as simple as entering your email address. Trust me. This newsletter is heartfelt and this family company is awesome.

Do me, Peter and yourself a favor.

Join the newsletter. And pay attention to the dates and times of this limited offer!

THANKS Stephen Palmer & the crew at Life Manifesto!!