Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will The REAL me, Please step Forward?

Pregnant Pause.

Yes, I am ambitious, I am a DREAMER, and I LOVE to stay BUSY!

I also CRAVE support, I covet Prayers, and I get the GREEN EYED MONSTER.

When some are pandering and wasting their resources like watering our lawns for 3 hours a day in the desert. I get really irritated.

When I see how much waste and I see so much suffering. I want to cry.

I see many spend THOUSANDS and TENS of THOUSANDS on a vacation several times a year when there are children that go to bed each night crying from an cramping, empty belly.

I get irritated when I see youth with SUCH TALENT that waste it away, and buy into the childish selfish mentality of gossip and back-biting. Instead of working on developing and harnessing the energy of youth, and achieving BIG things, they settle for working at McD's, or WalMart, and never challenge themselves to find out what their passions are.

I can only hope that one day, WE GET IT. that we can see the true person, and not the person we think we are.

My dreams of visiting AFRICA have ALWAYS been to serve, and make the lives of others a little less painful. My desire is to be a full-time philanthropist, and GIVE my ALL.

For now I give for my children, and I pray it is enough, I choose to teach them by example how it is better to live on less so that others can sleep with food in their bellies than it is to have the new Phone, iPad, Electronic gadgets, new shiny cars, and exotic vacations.

2.7 billion people were living on less than $2 a day, and 1.1 billion people were living on under $1 a day.  ONE luxurious vacation could feed a village for a year!  Let's get our priorities right!