Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Peter has been learning very quickly the dynamics of our family. He was hitting and biting a bunch when he first arrived (as I would too in his situation) but with consistent reminders of what is expected, he has promptly stopped, and instead now seems to follow right along with what is expected.

Friday evening our family was helping with the Simpson Family Fundraiser (they lost their home to a fire on 3/18/2012) we were delivering tables and a trailer to be used for the yard Sale.

It was minimal effort on our part, this family has been close friends since we left Alaska in 2006.

I did not make it far.... I buckled all the kids in the Suburban, loaded up the trailer and pulled out of the driveway. The stop sign at the end or our road is set back from the intersection, and often times we have close calls with oncoming traffic.

This time the oncoming car collided with my suburban.

It totaled both vehicles but luckily none were majorly injured.

We were blessed with safety.

The Good is we are all ok, the bad is we no longer have a vehicle that fits our family of 9, and the ugly is we will be forced to go into debt to purchase a new one.

We have avoided debt since 2005 and we are not thrilled to go back.

but it could have been MUCH worse!