Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The foundations of our future.

While I am deeply appreciative of the effort it takes to raise a child, I have also seen how the love of a child can induce mothers to do extraordinary things.

Divine's mother is very young, and very inexperienced. I wish there was more I could do than to simply send money for food. Trust me, I have wracked my brain and tired to come up with ANY solution to her poverty and education opportunities.

The decision is hers, and I fully support that her child NEEDS to remain with her.

What I can not help is the fact that the opportunities for growth, for stability and for health are very small.

I pray we can provide some of those basic needs.

I pray she and the 2 boys she is raising can remain safe and healthy.

I pray for wisdom to know what is next, and how I can move forward from here.

ANY funds you would like to send will be sent to Liberia to help Annie pay for food, school, medicine and living expenses.

thanks for your support.

Friday, April 05, 2013


I am not a patient person. I admit it is my weakness. I like to MOVE once a decision has been made, I LIKE ACTION!

January 20th we decided to adopt Divine.

We are still waiting on the "Pastor" who is his temporary guardian to initiate the paperwork. Divine *WAS* being taken care of by my friends, and all heck broke loose and we were forced to return him to the Pastor.

Now months have passed, and his promises of transfer of care have not happened.

I am so sad. I don't want to fight OVER this child (although I am willing to fight FOR this child!)

I have asked my Liberian contacts to HELP with this move,and once I have this done, it will only be a matter of weeks and we can finalize the adoption.

But for now, we wait on our funding.

We need only $3,000. a tiny portion compared to the last time! For that I am THRILLED.

But I am getting anxious, I want to be able to PUSH things to happen, but can't in good conscience until I have ALL my funds ready.

Please consider a small donation. $5 is all I ask of you my friends.

Share our video of Divine. and PRAY he will be safe until we can return for him!