Wednesday, October 19, 2011



This was the slight thrown at me as a child. It was said with such disdain and disappointment that I grew to believe it was a bad word. I derogatory title. I was a 'dreamer' I had my head in the clouds, I was not going to amount to anything, because I did not have any skills to match my imagination.

Today, after 30+ years of struggling, I have come to appreciate, that my imagination, is an asset. I feel pity for those who do not have one. I feel pity for people who do not have a dream, or they have convinced themselves that to dream is to be immature, or unrealistic.

I love to dream, and I thoroughly love cultivating a dream in others. When their eyes light up with hope, with the possibilities and with a smile. It is all worth it.

I may be a dreamer, but I am a HAPPY GIRL and I LOVE MY LIFE!

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