Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feast your Mind

When you hear the saying "Feast your eyes" you know your going to get an artistic, or elaborate or even colorful event to witness, but what do you think of when it is Feast your MIND upon this!?

I have spent the last few days blissfully listening to a set of tele-seminars that are geared towards encouraging others and helping them to establish WHAT thier dream is and HOW powerful their mind, thoughts and words are.

I feel so privileged to be able to learn at the feet of such great men as Kevin Hall, Dave Blanchard, and Chad Hymas.

Beautiful, hard working, honest, encouraging men. I hope one day to be as full of hope and positiveness as they are.

Looking back on life, I have endured many things. One or the other trial has not made me into who I am.... it is a culmination of HOW I endure, and what i choose to put into my emotional bank account to draw on at a future date.

I have learned that we are all flawed beings on this earth, and although it may look like some people live a charmed life, It is foolish to think that WE are the only being suffering, or struggling.

How can YOU help to alleviate the suffering of another?
What can YOU offer to make someone else's day, life or outlook improved?

You can open a door, pick up litter, return your grocery cart, smile genuinely at a stranger, ask someone HOW they are doing, and then LISTEN to their response.

Rolanda Watts said, "We are not here to see through each other, we are here to See each other through."


I have never before been so happy with a company and its products than I am with XanGo.

I have met a group of like minded individuals whose greatest desire is to see others succeed. To build an enterprise based on building another persons' skills, confidence and abilities.
The desire to create a product that closely aligns with my beliefs, that a whole food is superior to pharmaceuticals. That using chemicals and additives (MSG etc) are not healthy for our bodies. The Dr.'s are drawn to holistic healing and Ayurvedic methods for a solution.

The flagship product is a juice made from Mangosteen juice the properties of this juice have been studied in over 50 medical journals and studies.
It is an anti-inflammatory and Xanthone rich qualities. (what are Xanthone's? I will share that another day)