Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The joy & the Pain

Being a mother has brought immense JOY... First smiles, First Tooth, blowing kisses, snuggles throughout the morning, Watching them discover their reflection in a mirror.
So many fun, happy moments.... Then the opposite can be said as well, Sick babies, emergency rooms, 31 days in ICU, disappointments, postpartum depression, sneaking out (teens), ornery neighbors that seem hell-bent on torturing your children ;)
what do we focus on? Where do we linger?
Natural man tendency is to linger on the negative. Which then creates a stronger memory of that negativity. We as mother's need to fight the impulse to linger in the mire. We need to take out those happy moments like a treasured photo and bask in that glorious memory. To look at it from every angle.
It is this method of noticing the GREAT times, the GOOD deeds, and the HAPPY moments that we will then be led to smile more.... and ENJOY our journey of Motherhood. I pray that you will make a list of all the finest moments in your recollection as a Mother. Go ahead. Right now. Bask.....
red heads, new teeth, warm newborn breath, nursing sounds, First coo, the first moment you held your babe, giggles, crawling, fascination with ceiling fans, first outings, park days, first words, mama, dadda, creativity, hard work,